Red Eyes

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   Something wasn't right. I knew she had been here recently because I could smell her soft perfume flittering through the wind. My wolf was anxious to get out and it took every thing in me to keep that side of me in check as I tried to follow the scent.

"Alpha," I turned around towards the voice of a small little girl. 

"Trinity, you're out further than a little one your age should be," I made a mental note to speak with her parents later about it.

"I'm sorry Alpha, I just wanted to see where my daddy works.." she began crying.

Confusion set into my face as I quickly recovered. Maybe she knew where Isa was.

"Your daddy is not working this area today but I may be able to arrange for you to help him one day on a assignment if you can help me out," I leaned down and wiped a tear from her eyes as she looked up and smiled a toothless smile at me. "Did you see anyone else out this way today?"

"I saw a woman but she's not from our pack and our Alpha female talking,"

"Very good, now where did you see them and did they go anywhere?" I took a few deep breaths to remain calm as I was dealing with a little girl.

"The lady her eyes they were.. and then they," the girl tried to put on a brave face in front of her Alpha and I opened up my Alpha link and called her father.

"You're a very brave little girl Trinity. I need to know if they walked away together,"

"Her eyes turned red and they disappeared," she said so low even my Alpha ears had to tune in to hear her.

"Alpha, Trinidad, what's going on?" Her father came up behind us a concerned look on his face as he warily approached us both.

My insides were rumbling as I pushed back my Alpha wolf a little longer. It was not something I could do for much longer though.

"Trinity here just wanted to see where her father works we were having a chat. Please take her back to her mother and return immediately." I sent him a look that meant to let it go with his daughter and it could be handled later before they walked off hand in hand.

I sat down on the ground and closed my eyes as I tried to reach Isabella by our mate link. I could feel it pushing out like a spiders web but then suddenly it was black and empty. Magic, and not your every day variety either. 

No longer able to control my wolf I let him out letting out a howl that every wolf near would have to answer to.

I stood on the spot her scent was the strongest allowing my wolf to breath in her scent. It was the only thing keeping us calm. I could sense many of my pack around me and knew they answered to my calls. But I have yet to see the one I was waiting for, my mother. My magic was strong but my mother would need to break through the magic while I used my bond with her to reach her.

The others began to growl and howl as they sensed my distress and could no doubt smell her scent in the air. I would have to gather control and speak to my pack. My wolf pushed back mentally at me challenging me to remain in control but I could not trust my wolf at a time like this.

I ran to a nearby chest pushing it open with my nose I grabbed a pair of shorts out before changing back. Once changed into a pair of shorts I headed back to the clearing and stood in front to address my pack.

"My woman and your Alpha has been stolen from us right under our noses. I want to know right now how that happened?' I demanded.

Everyone fell silent but after a few moments my Beta stepped up," Every patrol was on duty and every patrol was accounted for today. It's impossible and there is no other scent here but hers," he said.

"Are you calling me a liar?" I stood up and walked closer to him.

"No, I am saying that whoever took her doesn't have a scent and you need to not lay blame with your pack. We need to find her," he said

I grunted but I knew he was right "I want every tracker available to cover every inch of our land and the bordering land as well. You will be looking for the scent of your Alpha or the scent of magic understood?" I asked

 Many people shook their heads and bowed before running off to perform their duties. As I scrolled through the crowd I noticed one of our best trackers was not present but I knew she was likely with her newly born child.

"Stiles," I called out stopping him in his tracks,

:Yes Alpha,' He bowed.

"I know that you and your wife just had a child but I could really use her experience here even if only for a few hours," I explained.

"Of course Alpha. I will call for her right away. It may take her some time as she feeds the little one and takes her to Rosie,"

My wolf tried to push out in anger to demand she come now but I pushed him back as I did the only thing I trusted myself to do calmly nod my head.

Sure I could have called for her myself but I didn't trust handling the situation as I should at this time.

"What do we know?" My mothers voice stirred me from my thoughts and I turned towards her.

She grabbed me in her arms and I pushed her back, she should know better anyway.

"Not now, my wolf is hard to control even for me right now. I tried to connect with her but some type of magic is blocking my  connection. Trinity said a woman was here with red eyes,"

Trinity?" My mother raised a perfectly groomed eyebrow at me no doubt ready to scron me if I so much as even yelled at little girl.

"Have faith mother, I'm not the King of our kind for no reason. She was out here trying to get a glimpse of her fathers work and saw what took place,"

Oh my," she bit her lip as her eyes looked down at the ground. "I didn't think there was anymore. They've been gone for so long," she said

"Anymore of what?" I demanded

"The red eyes, the magic it's demons," she cried.

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