Chapter 6

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  Jessie: "Uhm, excussseee meeeeee," She's standing there with her arms crossed as she then adda, "Horny little things now aren't you?" We both jump and Daniel gently but quickly sets me down, readjusting himself as do I, clearing my throat.   

I can feel my face turn a crimson red and I look up at Daniel who seems to be just as red as I am if not more. I bite my lip again as I look at Jessie. 

"I-It wasn't what you r-really think, we were j-just-" I stop and sigh as Jessie looks me into my eyes as if she could see through everything Daniel and I'd just done.

Jessie: "You were just fooling around were about to fuck each others brains out, did I get that right?" She now puts her hands onto her hips and looks between both me and Daniel.

I nod biting my lip again and force myself to stop, "Y-Yes, You're right." And as i say that Daniel looks at me so fast that I thought his head might have flown off. He looks at me with a very sexual dark like look and it was his turn to bite his own bottom lip.

He runs a hand through his hair and then looks back to Jessie who was looking back at him expectantly and I was starting to too. 

Daniel: "Yes, I guess you're right. You're also very bad with timing, you know that?" He chuckles and I can tell that he was just as dazed as I was about what happened.

Jessie: "Actually I think I've made it just in time, before you two children had gotten yourselves into a tight tangle, and I don't mean relationship wise. And if you were planning this, Daniel, did you bring any condoms?" She puffs and looks at him.

Daniel: "No, because it wasn't planned and I-" He's then cut off my Jessie who begins to speak again and I blush highly. 

Would he have used no condom if she hadn't walked in?

Jessie: "Well then, see? And Rachael, are you really ready for a baby?" Looking at me expectantly a I look back at her, trying hard to keep her furious gaze.

"Maybe, I mean I do plan to have one in the future..." I blush harder and fail to keep her gaze as I then look away and to the floor.

I feel both of their gazes, fiddling with my fingers as Jessie starts to speak.

Jessie: "That's not what I asked but okay, whatever. Just don't do this again unless HE has a condom, okay? I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything, just trying to help." She adds as she looks at me and I bring myself to finally look up at her, looking back.

She leaves the room with her arms crossed against her chest as I look to Daniel, who now, is gazing back at me with eager eyes.

Daniel: "Do you honestly feel that way?" He asks as he sits on the bed. 

I look around and realize that this is the spare bedroom that came with the place. It has white bedding and the walls had rose stickers all over the room. The curtains are a white tiger print and the floor has tan carpeting, which is almost similar to my room.

Daniel clears his throat as I then look at him and he looks back at me, his eyes slightly glossy what a hidden meaning. He holds out his hand and I take it. He gently and slowly tugs me into his lap and I straddle it softly. 

"Feel that way about what?" I ask, actually partially confused.

Daniel: "Well that you would like to have a child one day, and...that you wouldn't have minded...hum, well you know..." His voice trails off and I know what he means, I bite my lip a little.

"Well I do want a child one day, I want a FAMILY, you know, to call my own..." I smile softly and bite my lip a bit softly looking at him.

Daniel: "Is that so.." He smiles and he almost looks, shy. It causes my heart to do a little flip. 

I nod and then add out of spite, "And I know this might seem like a bit much, but I feel like I've known you for allot longer than I actually have. Is that strange to you?" I ask, genuinely curious of his answer.

He looks at me, a soft and caring like look take over the simmer in his eye and it makes my heart warm and nearly skip a few beats. He wraps his arms around my waist, the distance between us closing but not enough. I wrap my arms around his neck gently and it causes him to look up at me into my eyes and I hold his curious gaze.

Daniel: "I feel the same way honestly, like I've know you far longer and normally I don't like people but you are the first person that I actually want to be close to." He smiles softly and then adds. "I'm just surprised that you don't remember me at all." He then looks up at me.

I look back at him, my lips part as to form words, but none come. Remember him? Have we met before? Did we date before or something? And if we did, it must have been a long while ago. 

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