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I turned my phone off as I fell back on the bed. I had realized after I messaged the cast, what I had done was really messed up. What if she got suspended?!

"What do I doooo.." I sighed as I placed my hands on my forehead. "More importantly, what did I do?!" I sighed again as I rubbed my temples. "And how do I fix it." I sat up. My mom had been calling me for dinner and I ignored her several times. If they cast me for a Hollywood movie right now I wouldn't even care. I wont be able to get this off my mind for years unless I figure it out.
"Dude, I said don't throw shells at me!" Wyatt yelled as he bumped me, almost making me drop my controller.

"Woah, watch it! It's only a game." I laughed as he scooted over a bit. At this point, I had forgotten about the whole Claire thing.

"Yeah, but you threw a red shell at him. It was guaranteed to hit him." Jaeden said as he sat on the couch behind us, eating something he made that we didn't take the time to look at.

"Mario Kart is intense. It's violent." Wyatt laughed. I was thinking of how to make a joke but I failed to figure out what to say. Luckily, Jaeden helped me.

"Not as intense as your mom in bed last night!" Jaeden yelled as I burst out laughing and so did Wyatt. I'm pretty sure Wyatt dropped his remote on the floor but I didn't care. I then got a sudden feeling.

A feeling of guilt.

"I'm- sorry guys, I gotta head home." I sighed as I picked up my jacket from the floor. Wyatt paused the game and got up.

"Why so soon?" He asked as he walked over to me

"I-uh, I forgot I had chores to do." I made an excuse. I forgot that I needed to apologize to Claire. I planned to do it earlier but Wyatt had called me over to play Mario Kart. I stupidly accepted the offer and it's only now just hitting me.

"Oh- alright. Text you later?" He smiled as I hesitated.

"Sure." I smiled a fake smile as I headed out the door, dropping the smile right as I did. I shut the door and started to walk home.
Finn: Claire

Finn: Claire please

Claire has unblocked Finn.

Claire: what's seems to be so important. Important enough for you to grow a pair and message me.

Finn: I wanted to say sorry

Claire: for what?

Finn: making lies about you

Claire: aha! I knew you did it.

Finn: who else would it be?

Claire: weeeeeellllll,

Finn: I don't think I care enough to hear the whole list.

Claire: 😤

Claire: well, anyway, why did you do that?

Finn: make lies?

Claire: no, fly to Egypt 🙄

Finn: well, I was mad.

Claire: about what?!

Finn: I know it sounds kinda stupid, but, I was mad at myself.

Claire: hold on, I should be the only one that's mad. I still haven't gotten over it.

Finn: neither have i.

Claire: hold on, what street do you live on?

Finn: (street name here)

Claire: ok thanks

Finn: y

Claire: u should b getting a package pretty soon.

Finn: hold on someone's at the door
"I'm pretty good at throwback Thursday if I do say so myself." She smiled as I opened the door, knowing that she would be there.

"But it's Saturday?" I laughed as she shrugged.

"Same difference." She smiled as I hugged her. It felt nice knowing that somebody had the audacity to forgive me. She cared about me.

And I cared about her too.
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