Chapter One

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Chapter One

I don't have many memories from when I was twelve. My parents had me believe it was because I was in a coma for most of that year, but I don't remember waking up. Or even how I would have ended up in a coma. I assumed my parents got in a car accident, but i never asked.

I had always been aware of someone else's feelings. I didn't want to remind my parents that it was their fault for putting me in a coma- well if that was the case.

There's always been bizarre things going on, and my parents always seem to be up to something. Once you've lived with them for so long, you learn to lose curiosity in their whereabouts.

They were both psychologists it's not like they secretly lived a double life. They're not Hannah Montanna, and if they are I don't want to be there when they turn into Miley Cyrus.

I had always felt like I was watched. My parents had me wear a heart monitor all the time to track my heart beat. They never explained much of why, so I asumed I could have heart problems. Although that wouldn't fit in with the advantages I had. I could hear, smell, and feel things that seemed to not be humanly possible. I learned that these advantages-as I called them- weren't suppose to have happened.

My parents had told me that I had been born with "genetic mutations," they even gave me a lecture on evolution, genetics, and why this had to be kept as confidential as possible. I always asked why, but they never gave me much of an answer. The only way I was answered was through blank stares, and by them telling me, "Its a matter of life and death".

One day, I was assigned a research paper by my English teacher (It was the second year I wasn't home schooled). The paper had to be 3-4 pages long, obviously the topic had to be something that could fill those pages.

I couldn't think of anything so I decided to go into my parents library while they were out of town. I wasn't really allowed to be there, my parents said there was some information on patients that was meant to stay private.They had locked the library door, but they never accounted for my lock smith skills.

After a few minutes, the lock had finally gave in. So much for keeping me out. I opened the glass door which led into the library, it wasn't such a big library because my parents weren't billionaires.

I stepped onto the cold wood floor and observed my surroundings. What could be in here that they'd lock it from me?

My eyes scanned the shelves looking for something that could be used for the research paper. I didn't find much, most of the books were on psychology- the intruments of the mind- or genetics.

I was about to give up when a book caught my eye, it wasn't like the other ones. It seemed old, ancient even. The spine had the word "MYTHOLOGY" in bold black letters. I reached my hand out and pulled the spine backwards trying to take out the sketchy looking book. But the book wouldn't budge, I could use my strength to rip the book out but the momentum could pull the bookshelf right out of the wall.

I sighed and then pushed the book back into its original place. I turned around looking for another book, when I heard something, a noise right behind me. It creeped me out, because I was sure that I was the only one at home. I didn't turn around, at that time I was frozen with fear.

I had to turn and face whatever was there. After all, I had been trained to fight, I knew everything I needed to know if I ever were to encounter a theif. But what if it wasn't a thief? Wouldn't they have attacked me by now? Once the fear had resided, I could use my senses.

I couldn't hear another heart beat, but my own which had now slowed down to its usual pace. I was just over exaggerating. Typical.

Maybe I was just letting my imagination get the best of me and there actually wasn't anything there. I turned around to see what had caused the noise, but to my suprise it wasn't at all what I had expected. What have my parents been hiding from me?

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