Chapter 34 - Damn Dudley

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   "Hermione will be in tonight," Ginny says as I braid the red stands of her hair. Sister bonding something that neither of us got to enjoy. I never realized how much I wish I had a sister or well honestly still had Micheal. Being an only child now was weird. And I've been pretty messed up since the whole dementor thing. But being with the Weasleys really helped. Plus spending time with Draco.

   "Really?" I ask excitedly. I missed Hermione. And unlike the others I stayed at the burrow all summer. This actually being because Molly was my godmother. And she became my guardian completely when Micheal died. The alternative to being here was being at the empty Cultven manor. I hadn't been since Micheal died. And I didn't trust myself going alone. Plus I loved the Weasley's they were always like a second family to me. 

  "Yeah," Ginny says, "and Harry might be coming tomorrow." She was blushing. As much as she didn't want to admit it. We all could see that she was so into Harry. Well except Harry and Ron. Since they are ridiculously oblivious.  

"Fantastic," I say, "that means Ron can stop trying to pull me into some stupid plan to kidnap Harry."

"Finally," She chuckles. 

"Y/n!" I hear two voices yell as they near us. After a couple seconds identical figures burst into the room. The twins hung over us. Their evil grins stretching from ear to ear.

"Ginny we need to borrow her," Fred says as he steps forward from his twin. 

"Is she okay with that?" Ginny asks. I finsh her hair as she moves to sit on the bed with me.

"Yeah," I say looking over at her, "I'm fine with it."  The twins share a look then Fred approaches me smirking. He scopes me up in his arms and throws me over his shoulders. "Fred!" I squeal loudly. 

"Stop fussing and lets go," George says.

"You heard him," Fred says as he carries me out of the room. My squeals and cries for help filling the house. There are 9 other people in this damn house and not a single person can help me!

"BOys!" I exclaim while they just laugh at me. Once we reach Ron's bedroom and get inside Fred finally places me down on the bed. They sit across from me on one of the three new beds in the room. The twins had been moved in here with Ron because of the fact Bill and Charlie had decided to stay at the burrow for the World Cup. "What was that for?!" I yell.

"We have a plan," George says, "and we need your help for it."

"And if you refuse we'll tell Draco you and I have been snogging all summer." Fred threatens.

"That never happened!" I exclaim. They share another look and Fred moves closer to me.

"But he'll believe it," Fred says.

"Your fault for dating a prideful bastard," George adds.

"He's not that bad!" I say trying to defend Draco. They both just laugh.

"Oh he is," George says. "and he'll flip if we say anything."

"Whatever," I groan, "I'll help. But not because you're attempting to bribe me."

"Good," Fred says, "now we are planning to slip Harry's fat cousin one of our candies. Something that'll spook him."

"Spook him?" I ask not completely convinced.

"Lightly scar him," George corrects.

"Oh then I'm in," I say, "I heard he's an asshole anyways."

"Good," George says. Fred hops onto the bed with me and smirks.

"You know we can actually snog if you want," Fred adds. I shove him back and he chuckles.

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