Little Teaser - Ghost Sola

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Daddy Kink - not DDLG, there two way different things. Daddy kink is only when guys get off being called Daddy, their not Daddy Doms.


Devin is out with the guys right now, he said they were at the studio but The bands Snapchat say's other wise, the videos say their out at a strip club.

Now, I'm not a jealous person and never have been but I'm a little upset that Devin, my boyfriend, is letting a girl dance all over him. I understand that their just having fun and shit, it's fine, but I'm a very worry some  person when it comes to cheating.

I got cheated on so many times I fear Devin will too, I can't help it, I trust him all but it's always in the back of my head and seeing him with another girl that's paid to fuck strangers isn't exactly helping.

So, I'm attempting to grab his attention through a phone screen. I'm dressed in his favorite black high waisted skirt, fishnets, and underwear, a black plain tight shirt without a bra.

I lay on our bed, grabbing my phone and going to my camera so I can take a video of  myself for him, when I'm done, I add it to a message.


Daddy, I'm bored, wanna play?

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Daddy, I'm bored, wanna play?

( A/N - I got this from Tumblr so if the owner just happens to read this, credit to you even though I doubt that.)

He loves being call Daddy, it gets him excited and he can never resist me when I say it, honestly it's kinda cute how he immediately pounces on me.

My phone vibrates making me quickly check to see Devin response.

Daddy Ghosty👻-
Of course Daddy wants to play, wait for him. Don't you dare touch yourself.

Oopies. My hand has accidentally slipped into my skirt...

I smirk to myself, if I know him correctly, he's already in an ober home,  Chris picked him up earlier so his car is here.

Daddy Ghosty👻-
Little Slut, continue to do that I'll punish you so hard you won't be able to walk. Wait for Daddy.

Boy, isn't he gonna be surprised when he gets home to find me in bed watching movies while cuddling his pillow. Not touching myself or even wet.

Me -
Uh oh...My finger found its way to my cunt...

I'm genuinely enjoying this, teasing him and making him race home to find what he's least expecting with a boner.

I'm changing back into my pajamas which is a long shirt and some booty short, I lay on the bed as I grab the remote, going to Netflix and skim through the movies.

I end up watching The Corpse Bride as I check my phone again seeing angry text from Devin, I giggle, setting it down only to grab his pillow and cuddle it.

It isn't long after that I hear the front door burst open downstairs then slamming, Devin runs up the stair's making me giggle again, focusing on the TV as he rushes through the bedroom door.

He let's it slam closed as he suddenly stops dead in his tracks, I look at him with a innocent smile, glancing down seeing his very prominent bugle in his jeans.

"Hi, home so early? Don't you have stuff to do at the studio?" I ask, faking being confused, I can't lie, I am upset he lied to me about the studio and went to a strip club instead.

He blinks, his breathing heavy as he scans me, a distasteful frown appearing on his lips and a glare in his eyes.

"You little fucking tease, what makes you think you can do that and get away with it?" He asks, walking closer to the bed, his hand rubbing himself through his pants as if I'd immediately give him head.

But I have good self control, I won't do want he wants,he gonna have to deal with that himself.

"Do what? I'm watching movies, you can join me if you want." I play stupid, pointing to the TV that continues to play the best movie ever, Corpse Bride. 

He doesn't say anything just strips himself naked, jerking himself as he climbs on the bed with me, sitting close to me and taking his pillow away from me only to wrap me around his torso and putting his free arm around me; still jerking himself.

"You do realize I will get you back and that I know you know something you're not supposed to." He speaks after a couple of minutes of watching the movie and hearing him take care of his problem, his voice is strained and is followed by a low groan.

"You mean having to watch my boyfriend get a lap dance from a stripper when I was told something different by him? I didn't know I wasn't supposed to know that, Sorry." My reply is monotone and I keep my eyes on the screen of the TV as I lay my head on his shoulder.

He attempts to Chuckle but its interrupted by another grunt, "I'm sorry, Baby. I didn't want to go, I actually thought we were going to the studio, I didn't mean to lie."

His hand on my around me, tilts my head up to him so he can kiss me and after a few seconds, he moans as he cums.

"I guess your forgiven, sorry for teasing you." I kiss his cheek and allow him to sit up as he looks at me with a smirk.

"I'm still getting you back."

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