Chapter 1 Dreaming of Three-pronged Spears

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     You know the most terrible instinct that people have is the instinct that tells you you are drowning. Because your body frantically panics and your heart decides that it can be an Olympic runner. Your lungs try to seal themselves and your brain tells your lungs to stop inhaling. In short, the feeling sucks. Well, that's what my body was doing when I opened my eyes to find out I was under water. Of course, once I realized I was dreaming, I became extremely annoyed. I'd been having the same reoccurring dream for five nights now and it was getting old.
    I was floating underwater, the feeling of weightlessness making my stomach feel like it wanted to turn itself inside out. Of course since I was dreaming I couldn't throw up. Just perfect. Then just as it happened before I was propelled forward and down by an invisible force. Below me stretched out for several kilometers was a vast and beautiful city. Even though this wasn't my first time seeing the city it still took my breath away. The entire city was covered by a soft blue glow that clearly outlined a barrier.
    The barrier as I'd come to call it was a some kind of boundary that served to keep the weight of the ocean at bay. It seemed to protect the the vast city, three hundred and sixty degrees. This didn't surprise me because it made sense that a city this far under the ocean would need protection from both sea creatures as well as the weight of gravity.
    But what really amazed me was the city itself. To accurately describe it to you I will break it down. First let me start with the city's architecture. The city was design to be tiered. Each tier was wrapped in a thick blue and red corral wall. Now the corral was in blocks as is it was no different than the stone walls that surrounded the city I live in.
    The streets were a blue cobblestone they were wide and well built no cracks or splits. What set these roads aside from the roads I was used to was the fact that many of the roads would go from cobblestone to a road seemingly made of pure water. These roads had no definite bottom and seemed equally suitable to either walk on or to swim through. The houses and buildings varied in both size and shape.
     Many of the building were two or more stories tall. With dome roofs that at the Cardinal point, north, south, etc, would extend out to the side curving down and then curving sharply and coming to a point.
    I also spotted several gardens that were immaculately kept. Neatly trimmed hedges and hundreds of other sea plant that I couldn't name even if I wanted to. The buildings walls were all made of a sky blue sea stone that again I couldn't even begin to name.
     Next comes the people well, let's just say that there is assortment. Some looked like the versions of mermaids/mermen you hear about in legends. Pointed teeth flowing wild hair and webbed, clawed hands. The only difference was that some of these people were walking on two feet while others swam.
    I also saw sharks that were treated like guard dogs and sever fish-men that sprouted hills from just beneath their jaw lines. The roads were lit with braziers of blue flame that burned with no fuel source of smoke.
     At the center of this city was a massive palace that took up at least sixty acres and was over ten stories. Spires and towers rose from the top and roof of the entire thing was made of pearl and embedded with gems. The roof was finished with a golden gilding. There were several terraces and courtyard and it was to this place that I was being direct... my bad... dragged, to. I felt the familiar momentary panic as I headed right for the roof without so much as slowing down... and going right through it. I was taken down deeper and deeper, the whole process taking minutes but feeling like hours as I descended into the darkness.
If you have ever swung upside down on a swing set then you know what it was like for me. I couldn't move or speak I could only watch and listen. Then came a voice. The voice was obviously very furious but there was a tinge of worry.
" WHAT!?!? You're telling me that the young prince's and the heir's thrones have begun pulsating? Impossible that could only happen if a Heir had been born with the power of the kings of old." The voice was quiet for a moment then:
" Just in case send a squad, no send two have then pay a visit to our dear old royals and if they find that the prince has had a heir they are ordered to immediately destroy him at all costs. Is that understood?" " I don't care if that will expose us! We cannot allow a royal heir of the line of old kings to mature, we've come far to be stopped now. Go immediately!" Then the voice stopped and I and everything went silent. That was new, there'd never been a speaker before. Something about what he said sent shivers rolling down my back. I knew what he said should worry or even scare me, but it was just a dream right?" Anyways I descended until I came to a cavern not very big but unlike the darkness I had been in there was a soft blue glow that was being emitted by a central object in the room, a glowing three pronged spear. Three narrow points sticking out at an angle from a pile of rock that held it upright.
The spear had obviously been there a long long time because it was covered by a thin layer of moss. But I knew that underneath the moss the trident gleamed like freshly polished steel. How did I know it. Well I'm not sure, I just knew. Just as I also knew it was waiting to be wielded by a specific person. Yes welcome to my crazy world.
As the dream/ vision came to an end I found myself anxious for school and to once again be amongst normal friends. Well, as normal as they can be in a world filled with magic and monsters.

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