**guy in picture is Eric**

__ Reese's POV __

I just left my Chemistry and Literature class this morning, and boy were they boring!! I slept in both of those classes, too! Too much reading! And there were no cute guys either, ugh. So far, college sucks.

I think I'm gonna get me a late lunch. I should call the girls to see if they will come with me...

__ Raven's POV __

I had my cooking class this morning. It was really good! The chef introduced us to our kitchen areas and we started baking right away! Today, I baked some chocolate fudge brownies with fudge icing on top, and it was delicious!! I wrapped up the other brownies and kept them in my room. Hopefully Reese doesn't see them and take them. Now I'm heading to this math class; I'm not a fan of math but hopefully it'll be interesting this year.

Teacher: Hello, and welcome to Advanced Math for juniors and seniors. Open your book to page 4 and follow along as we learn about the wonderful would of matrices.

Class: BOOOO!!!

Teacher: Oh, trust me, it's fun! Now follow along...


Teacher: Your homework is page 7 with the two worksheets I gave you. You have fifteen minutes of class left, so feel free to start your homework.

Raven: Wow, this isn't too bad, maybe I can survive this year.

Guy: Hey! We remember you.

Raven: (looks up, then smiles) Oh, Carnell & Patrick! Nice to see you! I didn't even know you were in here.

Carnell: Yeah, neither did we.

Patrick: How you doin'?

Raven: Good, actually. You can sit here if you want.

Patrick: Thanks. (they sit down) You smell like... chocolate?

Carnell: Really, Patrick?

Patrick: What? She does!

Raven: Haha. I actually baked some fudge brownies last class. The smell must have followed me.

Carnell: Oh... (chuckles)

Patrick: You didn't give us none? (acts mad)

Raven: (giggles) Sorry, maybe next time though.


Patrick: You seen Dustin lately?

Raven: (doing homework) Yeah... we actually saw each other this weekend at a night club.

Carnell: Yeah, he told us he saw you and your friends there.

Raven: He was with some girl though...

Patrick: (unsurprised) Probably one of his many chicks. 

Carnell: (hits Patrick) Anyway, Dustin talks a lot about you.

Raven: Oh really?

Carnell: Yeah, I think he might like you.

Raven: Well, too bad he doesn't go here.

Patrick: Maybe you and your friends can hang out at our house tonight. We can chill. (smiles)

Raven: I don't want us to be a bother to y'all--

Carnell: Nah, it's fine. We'd like to get to know you girls more. (smiles)

Raven: Okay. Well, thanks.

*Bell rings*

Patrick: Alright, well, how about 4 pm?

Raven: Sounds cool.

Patrick: Here's our address, we'll see you guys there.

Raven: Thanks. Bye guys!

Carnell/Patrick: Bye!

They are too nice. Well I better tell my girls to get ready to hang out with B5! I wonder where they are...

__ Nicole's POV __

Me, Gia, Reese, and Raven met up at the college cafeteria to get a quick bite to eat.

Reese: (loud) My day was HORRIBLE!! Class was boring and I didn't see any cute guys. I NEED A DRINK!

Raven: Girl, hush! You're too young to drink.

Reese: I can still get me a wine-cooler, shoot! I deserve it!

Raven: (rolls her eyes at Reese) How was your day, Gia? You look upset.

Gia: No, it was just people bothering me in calculus.

Nicole: Yeah, home girl was getting the hate. I wanted to tell that girl off, but Gia wouldn't let me..

Gia: It's no big deal, guys, it happens to me all the time--

Raven: That doesn't make it right, sis.

Gia: I know but...

Reese: What else happened?

Gia: (thinks) ... I met Bryan in my English class today! He sat by me.

Nicole: (spits out drink)

Reese: Gia, what did he say?

Gia: He was just being polite and saying how we should hang out. He's sweet! (smiles sweetly)

Raven: Aww, you're blushing!

Nicole: Mhmm.

Reese: You jealous, Nicole? (smirks)

Nicole: Psshh! Heck no, I got a man! His name is Roger and he's GORGEOUS!

Raven: Where you meet him?!

Nicole: In my Literature class and he took me out to lunch! Ooh, he's perfect! He compliments me, does everything I want him to, and...  we kissed! (blushing)

Gia: Whoa! Isn't that too fast? You've only known him for a day.

Raven: Yeah, girl, you better calm down before he be giving you babies.

Reese: Y'all know Nicole easy.

Nicole: (annoyed) Shut up - it's my relationship!

Raven: MY TURN! Patrick and Carnell are in my math class and they invited us over their house today.

Reese: Ooh, let's go! I wanna see my man Carnell!

Nicole: Really? Did they give an address?

Raven: Yep. So let's get ready and meet them so I can see Dustin.

Gia: (grins) I can see Kelly!

Guy: (walks up) Hey, Reese, you wanna hang out?

Reese: Oh, Eric! I forgot all about you. Actually we were leaving--

Eric: I was going to a nightclub and I know how you love to party. (winks at her)

Reese: In that case - YES!

Raven: NO! Sorry, um, Eric? We're going to see important people today, sorry.

Nicole: Yep, sorry. Nice jacket though.

We grabbed Reese and left "Eric" by himself in the cafeteria...

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