**guy in picture is Eric**

__ Reese POV __

I just left my Chemistry and Literature class this morning, and boy were they boring!! I slept in both of those classes too haha, too much reading! And there were no cute guys either ugh. So far college sucks -__-

I think I'm gonna get me a late lunch. I should call the girls to see if they will come with me...

__ Raven POV __

I had my cooking class this morning. It was really good! The chef introduced us to our kitchen areas and we started baking right away! Today I baked some chocolate fudge brownies with fudge icing on top, and it was delicious!! I wrapped up the other brownies and kept them in my room. Hopefully Reese doesn't see them and take them. Now I'm heading to this math class, I'm not a fan of math but hopefully it'll be interesting this year :)

*walks in class and sits down*

Teacher: Hello and welcome to Advanced Math for juniors and seniors. Open your book to page 4 and follow along as we learn about the wonderful would of matrices.

Class: BOOOO!!!

Teacher: Oh trust me its fun! Now follow along...


Teacher: Your homework is page 7 with the two worksheets I gave you. You have 15mins of class left so feel free to start your homework.

Raven: Wow this isnt too bad, maybe I can survive this year.

Guy: Heey we remember you :p

Raven: [looks up] Oh Carnell & Patrick! Nice to see ya! I didn't even know you were in here :)

Carnell: Yea neither did we.

Patrick: How you doing?

Raven: Good actually, you can sit here if you want.

Patrick: thanks [they sit down] You smell like chocolate?

Carnell: Really Patrick?

Patrick: What she does!

Raven: Haha i actually baked some fudge brownies last class. The smell must have followed me.

Carnell: Oh lol

Patrick: You didn't give us none? [acts mad]

Raven: Sorry lol, maybe next time tho


Patrick: You seen Dustin lately?

Raven: [doing hw] Yea we actually saw each other this weekend at a night club.

Carnell: Yeah he told us he saw you and your friends there.

Raven: He was with some girl tho :/

Patrick: Probably one of his many chicks -_-

Carnell: [hits Patrick] Anyways, Dustin talks alot about you.

Raven: Oh really?

Carnell: Yea i think he might like you.

Raven: Well too bad he doesn't go here.

Patrick: Maybe you and your friends can hang out at our house tonight. We can chill :)

Raven: I dont want us to be a bother to y'all-

Carnell: Nah its fine :)

Raven: Ok well thanks.

*bell rings*