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Dear Smartasses,

Has anyone ever struggled with a eating disorder?

I don't judge if you said you have, I have.

I know that's weird, cause most people think that it's mostly girls trying to look good for boys.

But dancing requires you to be fit and skinny, at least I require myself to be skinny for dance. If anyone is overweight at dance, I say GREAT JOB!! My studio is based on skill and I'm one of the highest, so my class is some of the best. If anyone is at the studio, it's some of the best, and I don't think they need to change. If they weigh over twig skinny and they have the skills, they are awesome.

But anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, talk to someone PLEASE! I'm watching my very best friend go down the same path that I am, and I am powerless to do anything.

I have had a lot of mental illnesses. I have depression, I have voices, some eating disorders, anxiety.
Some I went through and lost, some have stuck with me through my entire life, some I picked up.

I know this book is a lot about what's wrong with me, but I may just dedicate a chapter to my voices. Would anyone read that?


QOTD: Has anyone ever typed Fried instead of Friend?

I've done that SOOOO many times.

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