Chapter 33

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3rd Person's POV



Hera and Baekhyun met inside the office of Baekhyun's father, Minki. They both didn't expect that they will see each other in this situation.

"What are you doing here!?" -both

"You know each other?" -Jisoo

"He's my neighbor."

"Good then. You know your soon-to-be brother-in-law."

"My what!?"

"Your father didn't tell you yet?"

"About what? I was only said to come here to meet his friend."

"That will be me. I'm sorry I haven't introduced to you myself. I'm Mr. Minki, Dongil's friend. The reason why he sent you here is for you to pick someone you'll marry."

"What!? I'm very sorry mr. But I can't marry someone I just met. I don't understand why would I be married just like that. It's unacceptable."

"I'm sorry to say this but if you don't marry someone in my family your father's business will now fail."

"What did you say?"

"You also don't know that you're father's company are facing bankruptcy?"

Ji Hyeran was so shocked that she became speechless. She wants to cry and even walk out but something tells her that she can't. Baekhyun was also shocked. He took a glance of Hera and saw that her eyes are becoming teary. He was also sad and at the same time mad at his father for making the situation more complicated and removing his chance to marry Hera.

Hera breathed deeply before she replied...

"Okay. I agree. But is it okay if I will be the one who will pick?"

"Sure. But I prefer if you pick one between Joohyuk and Jisoo."

"I'm sorry sir but I think I'll have to choose and marry Baekhyun."

All were not shocked besides Baekhyun. Baekhyun was so shocked that his mouth dropped but at the same time he could feel happiness and excitement. "Did Hera really picked me?" he thinks.

"It's not so shocking anymore since the only person she knows inside this room is Baekhyun hyung." -Joohyuk

"I expected it." -Jisoo

Baekhyun stayed quiet but deep inside he's overjoyed. He was reminded of the past when Soondeok also picked him to be his husband.

"Back then, I was not really happy to hear the news of our marriage, but now I think I'm the most excited one that I want to prepare already

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"Back then, I was not really happy to hear the news of our marriage, but now I think I'm the most excited one that I want to prepare already. ㅋㅋㅋ " He thought.

"So father, did you choose between me and Joongi? Baekhyun gets to marry the girl so he's out of the choices."

"Baekhyun is still one my choices."

"What!?" -Jonghyun

"I have no plans in handling any business sir." said Baekhyun

"But you will have to in case you got chosen."

"Please let me be out of the choices then."

"I can't and I have my own reasons. Joohyuk and Jisoo can't be one of the choices because they're too young to handle a company."

All remained silent when Minki spoke again.

"That's all I wanted to say. You can all now leave."

All stood up to go out of the office.

"Hera, let's go home together."

"Baekhyun I need to talk to you for a minute before you go home." -Minki

Baekhyun is about to say no since he don't want to speak with his father face to face.

"I'll wait for you outside. Go and talk to your father." said Hera before she went outside the office.

Only Baekhyun and his father were left inside the office.

"What is it that you have to talk to me privately?"

"I think I have to let you handle the company."



[Phone Call]

*ring ring*




"/cries/ Is it true? Your company... is bankrupt?"

"/sighs/ Yes dear. I'm sorry to have stuck you with this my daughter. Are you okay?"

"I'm suppose to be asking that. Are you okay? Are you doing well?"

"Aigooo. Haha. I'm okay. How about you? Are you doing fine there living alone?"

"I'm doing fine. I met people who are really nice and kind.... I miss you dad."

"I miss you too. Hera, you don't have to marry someone if that's against your will. I will find a way to fix the problem, okay?"

"No dad. I'll go with the marriage."

"Hera, you don't have to, really."

"It's fine dad. The person I'm going to marry, I already knew him before being in this situation. I want to help you."

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