2017 | Happy New Year! [Various + Kuurochii]

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There is no romance in this and I'll be in it as well!

Please note that there is SECOND POINT OF VIEW (YOU) x FIRST POINT OF VIEW (I). It's really weird and all but this will be my last one shot for 2017.

I just want to say thanks for 2017 and I'll be coming back in 2018 with new ideas! I prefer writing x Reader one shots with second point of view because they feel much more closer with you. 


1) [Y/N] looked at me, I turned my head away.

2) You looked at me, I turned my head away.

Writing [Y/N] sounds like some character from a book and it doesn't sound like you. I try to make one shots enjoyable as possible.

Anyways those who write fanfic, I DO NOT recommend this idea. It is not good and technically not correct as well. This is so the plot fits because I'm in it too! Enjoy!


Kuurochii's P.O.V

"The year is ending really quickly, it seemed only yesterday you were writing stupid fanfic about us Kuurochii!" Karma grinned.

"Don't embarrass me!" I squealed, covering my face.

You laughed, the year was ending so soon. It seemed only yesterday you met the boys.

"Enough of this sad talk, I'm about to cry," Maehara sniffled.

"Baka! You are crying already!" Terasaka shouted.

"So mean!"

"I'm so glad I met you, I really am." I giggled, smiling at the group.

We were currently sitting in the classroom, Koro~sensei was busy wrapping up gifts he had for us. Sitting around in a circle on ground as we reminisced back to the start of my journey on wattpad. 

"Kuurochii is really a cringey person isn't she?" Karma snickered.

"Hey! Don't be mean, she's a really nice person." You punched Karma's shoulder playfully, laughing.

"Hello guys, I've decided to make an Assassination Classroom book! Karma mimics, waving his hands around, "I've finished the whole anime..."

I ran to him, covering his mouth. Gosh, I wrote that in August, the memories.

"Thank you for an amazing 6 months on wattpad, I've really enjoyed my time here." 

"Yes, I know you love me a lot because there are so many fanfics about me!" Karma grinned.

The atmosphere was happy and lively. Although, the year was ending there was still many more things to discover. 

"Remember the '10 Stages of Love' Book, you wrote? You should finish it soon, I want to see how I end up with [Y/N]." 

"B-Baka..." you mumbled, blushing.

"Yes, Yes. I should finish it probably next year. I'm going on hiatus so I can't at the moment."

"H-HIATUS?!" the group screamed. 

I replied, "Yes, I'm going to be away from wattpad on another account. I want to improve my writing skills and have a break! When I come back to this book, there will be many changes."

"I'll miss you Kuurochii," Nagisa turned to me, giving me a reassuring look.

"Come on! Don't be so sad, it's not like I'm going away for ever." I patted, Isogai's shoulder. 

I really enjoyed many fanfics for you. Especially the angst it was fun for me. I also got to learn more about the characters, even you. I don't regret being on wattpad at all and it has been such a fun experience.

"So any plans for the new year? Resolutions?" 

"May stop wasting my life on wattpad?" You shooked your head in disappointment.

"NAHHH COME TRASH YOUR LIFE WITH ME!" I said, "Terasaka? When will you stop being an idiot?"

"I-Idiot? B-Baka Kuurochii!

"You promise you won't leave us?"

"I will come back."

"I'll miss teasing you Terasaka," I sighed, poking my tongue out.

"Why are you always thanking us and acting sentimental?" Maehara blurted out, in between the hiccups.

"Well.. What if there was no tomorrow?" I replied, "What do you want to do, if today was your last day?"

"T-That's dark Kuurochii..." the male shudders at the thought.

"Could you write some fanfic about me?" Itona spoke up.

"Just be safe, while you're gone okay?"

"Thank you, I'll remember."

"I will don't worry, many have requested." I replied.

"Kuurochii you should make more text fic," you grinned.

"Nurufufufu what about this handsome teacher? I deserve some love." Koro~sensei evilly grinned.

"Thank you for everything!"

"Your Welcome."


This wasn't really how I intended the one shot to be. I'm sorry but that's it for writing for 2017. I won't be publishing anything. I have a small writer's block and I really wanted to thank you for an amazing 2017.

I've thanked you all. I'll be going on HIATUS for the week of wattpad. PLEASe IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST DO NOT COMMENT.  I will be logged out of this account, please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME.

I want to write all your requests while I'm on hIATUS. Anyways, thank you for everything. Sometimes I can't handle too many things

I've been so glad to write for this fandom! I want to continue, while I rest I'll be publish haikyuu fanfic here. I want to expand my writing and explore other fandoms.

I want to explore other fandoms and write for them such as BNHA, Unpopular fandoms (A lull in the sea/barakamon)

I thank you for your support. Next year when I come to this book I'll make my fanfics better.

If you have any questions please comment down them.


First I would like to talk about requests and me writing requests.

My request are always open because I love requests. I love getting your ideas (with your permission) and make it into a fanfic.

But I'm not perfect. I'm human as well.

When I write fanfic with requests I feel pressure because this happened before.

Somebody requested me and I didn't finish it within two days. I was reading other assclass stories and you know what? They requested the same thing, to another author just because I couldn't write them a story within two days.

The most I've taken is two weeks. I don't like taking over 1 week, I know you want to see the fanfic. The thing is sometimes you request something and idea and I don't know what to write. That's one of the reasons why I take a long time. I'm not saying your requests are horrible and all but it's my opinion.


I looked through some of my old works and I've made so many typos. It's embarrassing but I'll keep improving. While I'm on hiatus I'll be improving my other assclass book and doing other things. Thank you

- Kuuro


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