Secret Santa | Part 1 [Various]

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Secret Santa; Kris Kringle; K.K

Whatever you name that game for Christmas.

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so hey merry christmas everybody. to those who don't celebrate christmas or give a damn, happy 25th karma's birthday. (another positive thing about 25th).  so i'll be honest i was a lazy ass and my wifi was not working so i couldn't publish. lemme reword this, i dislike writing fanfic on my phone and prefer on the laptop as i can write around 60 words per minute.

Oh well, merry Christmas again and have a happy new year! Anyways, I didn't want to leave you empty handed with NOTHING on Christmas and since I can't give you individually gifts here is a oneshot for one. yes, originally I was going to type 3 oneshots up but ehhhh lol.

i know i'm not making sense but thanks for 2017, it has been a fun year love reading those comments.

i'll make more text fics bc you all seem to enjoy them. i kinda didn't prepare a karma x reader birthday chapter bc there are so many on wattpad made. so i made a nagisa x reader x karma //lies// actually no, i was already making one, imma just publish it and pretend i made it JUST FOR HIM.

oh well, sorry for my chatting

my next two one shots are suppose to be around 2000 words long but i was lazy. they're half complete but here have a little bit.

i'll admit im a very lazy person. i'm that lazy ass who manages to get good scores in class. smart lazy type lmao. anyways-/// shushhhh im trying to find new vocab to replace anyways. ANYHOW/WHO/WAT

read the fanfic and yoosh...


"D-Do you like your gift?" Okuda squealed as she watched Terasaka unwrap his gift.

"Yes! Amazing new weapons. Okuda did you buy them?" 

"No.... I didn't," the female replied.

You and the class were happily exchanging gifts. What happened was you would draw a name from a hat and you would have to buy a gift for that person.

You had Koro~sensei and you had prepared an amazing gift with the help of your classmates.

The limit was $40, Koro~sensei was participating as well. This was going to be very interesting.

You wondered about his reaction, would he squeal in delight or be horrified. Karma evil grinned as it was his turn to unwrap his gift.

Slowly you waited.

"I-It's... instructions how to make sushi and coupons to the ice cream store?" He blinked, looking at the items.

12 coupons with 50% off for the nearest ice cream store. It was probably for Karma so he couldn't steal Koro~sensei's money.

"W-Wait if I add two coupons 50% + 50%, can I have one for free?"

The class knew there was going to trouble, "Mannnn I though that gift was enough to make you stay out of trouble!" Maehara groaned.

"Maehara you bought me this gift? How thoughtful."

"What's with the sushi instructions?"

"So you can stop wasting your wasabi," Maehara replied.

"Ohohohoho, you can be my test subject. Maybe I can give these sushi out with loads of wasabi." Devil horns emitted from Karma head as he thought of many ways to torture others.

Nagisa who was sitting next to him was very concerned.

"Okay, moving next. I shall put these coupons to use. Isogai what did you get?"

Isogai looked at his small wraped gift, the size of his palm which got the class intrigued. He feared open the wrapping paper perfectly and neatly which caused the boys to be annoyed.

"W-What is this?"

"For very big mistakes?"

It seemed somebody had given Isogai an eraser and across the surface was written, ' For very big mistakes.'


"Probably the boy is too perfect," snickered Terasaka.

"Thank you." Isogai gave a closed eye smile.

"Wahhhh Ikemen! Accepting his weird gift." The class praised. Isogai was truly a perfect boy.

"Nurufufufu," Koro~sensei giggled, "Okuda what did you get?"

"Hmmm," the female responded, tearing her gift. There was a moment of dead silence, you could feel your heart beating.

"I love it!" She squeals, hugging the gift which was 100 experiments to make and do. Somebody had choosen the right gift.

The class went around, each one had a smile on their face as they opened their mysterious gift bought for them.

It was your turn, unwraping the gift was a picture of the class with you in it. Smiling with a happy face with Koro~sensei in the background. A scrap book of everybody's funny moments.

Flipping through the book there was a picture of Karma blushing. Nagisa in a dress which you thought looked cute. Maehara tripping over and falling into mud. Terasaka getting in trouble and getting told off by an old lady.

Even bitch sensei was in the album. Her flustered face as she tried to confess to Karasuma and he was very dense. Those were the great times. Who ever got this gift for you managed to even sneak some embarrassing photos of Asano.

Great black mail material you though.

There were also personal quotes from each classmate, "Ummm..." Nagisa spoke up, "The whole class decided to get you a gift."

"Thank you so much," you smiles, tears cascaded down your face. You felt very happy.

"Nagisa! You made her cry!" Kayano whispered, slapping the boy's back.

"I-I-I'm just so happy..." you sniffled, rubbing the back of your arm on your face to wipe off the tears. "You did this for me. I'm so glad and happy."

"Nurufufufu this is...." Koro~sensei instantly bursts into tears.

Part 2 is out now!

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