Chapter #3:U.A Preparations

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(Y/N) P.O.V

You were walking home with Midoriya "Hey this is my turn" Midoriya said sadly

"Okay" you replied "Stay safe"

"Okay I'll see you at the U.A entrance exam right" Midoriya said concerned

You gave him a reassuring smile "Yeah I promise"

"Se ya there" Midoriya said running away

'If I'm going to get into U.A i'm going to have to train hard to control my Quirk' You thought to yourself 

You got home and opend the door "I'm Home" You say 

(M/N) P.O.V =(Mother Point Of View)

I was upstairs in my bed when i heard (Y/N) say "I'm Home"

As I heard this I jumped up as fast as I could and ran downstairs and asked (Y/N) excitedly
"What Highschool did you chose"

(Y/N) P.O.V

My Mom came downstairs and asked me "What Highschool did you chose"

"Umm U.A" you replied 

You watch as you mother jumped up and down excitedly

"Alright you better train hard to prove you have a Quirk and become a hero"

'I'm glad that my mother believes that I have a Quirk It feels nice knowing someone has your back' you thought

"Okay!" you replied 

{TIMESKIP}=1 Week Later

So This is what you were able to understand from your Quirk

1. When you use your Quirk it appears to others that i'm just really fast but to me everything stops Moving

2. When I use my Quirk my left eye becomes a clock and I Only have a time limit of 5 minutes to stop time

3. Everytime I use my Quirk everything becomes lighter 

4. Finally When I use my Quirk If I go over 5 Minutes Pices of my body starts to erase its self  starting from my right hand

"Alright!" You scream couple of steps forward awesome.

Sorry for short chapter but I wanna save the entrance exam for next time
Thanks for reading

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