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                When Becca and I arrived at the venue, it was pretty much packed. Everybody was lined up to get in and excitement was in the air. When the doors opened, we got to go in first because we had backstage passes, so Becca and I made it to the front row. “This concert is gonna be so awesome!” I said smiling at my best friend. “I know! I can’t wait to meet them!” Becca said as the lights went down. When they came back on, there they were: Black Veil Brides. Becca and I started screaming and cheering for them. They started playing Love Isn’t Always Fair, which was one of my favorites so I was singing along with Andy. When they started playing Legacy, I just stared at Ashley as he was playing his little bass solo. We locked eyes for a second and he smiled that gorgeous smile at me and I could have died right then and there. “Ok Stella focus. Don’t die just because he smiled at you. He could be smiling at the girl behind me or something.”  I thought to myself. The concert was pretty amazing as always, so Becca and I made our way backstage. “Oh look there’s my dad! I forgot to tell you he’s gonna take us backstage to meet the guys.” Becca said as her dad was waving us over. “Hi ladies. Enjoyed the show?” Becca’s dad asked hugging us both. “Yes Mr. Parker it was amazing! Thanks for getting us these tickets and the passes.” I said giving him a smile. “It’s not a problem. Now come on, the guys are waiting to meet you.” Mr. Parker said leading us towards the room to meet the guys.

                We finally arrived at Black Veil Brides’ dressing room. I was pretty nervous meeting a band that I have looked up to and I had a big crush on Ashley. When the door was opened and the guys were in front of us, I went into shy mode and was looking at one of my red streaks in my hair. “Guys this is my daughter Becca and her best friend Stella.” Mr. Parker said introducing us. “Hi it’s nice to meet you guys! We’re big fans of yours right Stella?” Becca said nudging me in the arm. “Yeah we are.” I said in a small voice. “Why are you being shy all of a sudden?” I heard a voice ask me and touching my arm. When I looked up, I saw Ashley looking at me and smiling at me. “Oh um I’m just nervous because I look up to guys.” I said giving him a small smile. “And she has a big crush on you!” Becca blurted out, making me blush and Ashley smiled at me. “Becca shut up! I didn’t say that you have a big crush on Andy did I?!” I said glaring at her. Andy smiled and wrapped his arm around her and her face turned red. We talked and hung out for a bit before we had to head home. “Hey Stella I would love to get to know you better so can I have your number?” Ashley asked me. “Yeah sure Ashley.” I smiled as I typed my number into his phone. We hugged the guys goodbye and headed home.

                “Oh my god the guys were so nice and they were much cuter in person.” Becca said as we headed to my house. “I know right? Ashley and I got along pretty well.” I said smiling. Becca and I hugged each other goodnight and I got ready for bed. As I got comfortable and started to drift to sleep, my phone buzzed telling me I got a text. Hey it’s Ashley, just wanted to tell you it was nice to meet you and hopefully we will get to hang out sometime just me and you. Goodnight and you have my number now. I smiled and texted him back before I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the events of tonight and meeting Ashley.

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