Part 63 - Knock knock

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"Rick?..." I whimpered, he didn't move, nor was he breathing... Well it didn't look like it at least. I held Carl closer to me, more so than before, but my eyes never left Rick. Carl's sobbing got even louder, I averted my glance from Rick to Carl for one second as I tried to calm him down. This when I heard it. The short, shallow, raspy breaths of Rick's motionless body. Oh no... He couldn't be... Oh god...

Rick began to move off the couch, he fell off and landed on the floor. I began to move back with Carl, I didn't want to do to Rick what I though I had to do. I grabbed for my gun and held it towards Rick. I began to cry, more so than Carl, I loved this man and I had thought I had lost him forever. My hand began to tremble, I closed my eyes but I stopped, I couldn't do it. "I can't..." I choked as I put my gun down. "D- don't... P-please" I paused and opened my eyes, that voice was to low for Carl so it must be... "Rick?" I whined. Carl stopped crying too, "Dad?" He asked. Rick got up slowly, his face was illuminated by the fluorescent moonlight. "Rick!" I yelled, I lunged myself towards him and pulled him into a long hug, Carl did the same. "God... I thought you were dead!"

"You can't get rid of me that easily" Rick huffed as he took in a look breath of air, he pulled me and Carl in towards him, he winced in pain as he did so. We remained in that position until morning.

An abrupt knock on the door woke us all up, Rick winced as he got up, holding onto the couch for support. He trudged towards the door and peered through the peep hole. He chuckled and glanced towards Carl "It's for you"

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