Chapter 14: Help!

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Log #76: Kingdoms

Slayers are generally the most aggressive and active of the three Warrior Classes. Unlike Guardians, who seldom leave the Barricade, Slayers practically live in the hostile world beyond the kingdoms. It is not rare for parties of Slayers to remain outside for weeks to months at a time. In order to expand human territory, The ESF scouts new terrain, then Slayers repeatedly clear the area out until it becomes a safe zone for humans to claim. A Slayer's other primary job is to clear out routes between kingdoms, whether it is to a new kingdom or a new road between two older ones. Their job may not be the hardest, but it is undoubtedly the most time-investing, and they are known for slaying the most amount of monsters out of the three Warrior Classes, hence their name. In summary, Slayers kill the most monsters, pave roads and areas for humanity, and wield only their personalized weapons; a job only for the strong-willed and the sturdiest of people.

-General Elvira Ramos

490 BPE

Newspapers: the pinnacle of our current society's information distributors. How depressing and utterly convenient that not a single computer-building whiz survived the apocalypse, and now we were stuck with unreliable, biased, flimsy articles of paper to digest breaking new across the Four Kingdoms. That, and the television broadcasts.

That was biased too, of course.

I sighed deeply, letting the air rush out of my lungs, only to break momentarily to refill them to my heart's content. Breathing was quite the pleasure, but eventually everyone learned to either take it completely for granted or forget about the motion entirely until it is stolen from them. Only is it when humans lose what they have grown accustomed to that they realize how precious a thing it was. The whole thought was almost hysterical, but I was a bit too drowsy to laugh. Not out loud, at least. On a less depressing note, the weekend had finally reared its gifted head towards the children of Arcos, and I was more than relieved to spend a few days alone at home.

Alone, right where I belonged.

And whose fault is that? Pathetic little traitor.

Whenever I was alone, I would find myself thinking about my life in Devarden. Arcos was a fine school, and a grand academy. I had enjoyed every hour I spent there, and the establishment had yet to bore or disappoint me.

Even still.

Past every exciting day, past every relaxing conversation, past every delightful neighbor, I was still alone. In the end, despite everything I had accomplished, my heart was never content. I woke each day alone, practiced each morning and evening alone, and drifted off to sleep alone. No matter how much how many people liked me, I was alone. The loneliness wasn't a bother, after all, I had accepted it long ago. But it nevertheless left a gap in my life, something that I doubted would ever change. Kazu undoubtedly felt it, since he always seemed to see right through my smile. It was only out of respect and sympathy for me that he refused to broach the subject.

That's what I believed, anyway.

I got up from the bench at the train station, and positioned my body in the opposite direction of the tracks, an object I had probably been blindly gazing at for hours. Each rail was slightly different; each had an immeasurably different amount of rust when compared to its neighbor. Each shook with an insignificantly different force, and each carried the train above with a nearly identical manner to the next. As a result, each were regarded as exact replicas to the others, and each were judged by the rails as a whole.

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