Chapter Six

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I was dreaming, I had to be.

Surely things this disturbing don't happen in real life, right?

Everything was black, and my body felt... different. I felt like I wasn't quite in control, and I still for some reason couldn't open my damn eyes.

I heard movement throughout the room. It sounded like several bodies shuffling around me, poking and prodding my body with cold, metal instruments. I wanted to shiver in revulsion, but I was still paralyzed, frozen from the inside out while whatever they had injected me with coursed through my veins.

"I'd like her to skip ahead to phase two." A deep, masculine voice sounded throughout the silent room.

Was that the General? My eye twitched and my heartbeat sped up as I realized I may be regaining my consciousness and ability to move.

The ability to kick the asses of the men who dared put me in this situation.

I continued to listen, fascinated and terrified when several of the men in the room gasped at what the previous voice had demanded.

Phase two. What does that even mean?

Dozens of possibilities flittered through my mind, making me feel nauseous.

Were they going to take my organs and sell them to the black market? Cut off all of my fingers and toes? Take out my brain and transport it to another body?

"But Sir-" Another masculine voice spoke up, different to the first one. He seemed to be objecting to what the first man had ordered. The voice seemed almost familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place it.

He was quickly cut off.

"Did I stutter, Brian?" The first man snarled angrily.

I could now feel my fingers. My hand twitched, aching to move freely once more.

"No General. However... I thought we were going to be making our best effort for our subjects to survive. Emily has not had the proper preparation for maximum results."

An angry sigh left who I assumed to be the General's lips. "We have had promising results from the last blood tests and gained invaluable information from the most recent death in our subjects. The serum has been updated accordingly. She has a better chance than the last one to survive. I am not changing my mind, Brian. Begin phase two tomorrow, and finish up phase one today."

It was silent for a moment before Brian grunted in response.

"Yes Sir." Brian muttered, sounding like he was moving closer. I wanted to stiffen,

Brian, I am going to castrate you for this. I thought darkly, wanting nothing more than to take a baseball bat to their heads.

"You know what, Father? I think I may be the best fit for phase two. I think Brian may have become too attached to this one." A new voice sounded from what felt like the corner of the room. This voice sent shivers through me; I knew who it belonged to almost instantly.

"That's just ridiculous." Brian spluttered angrily. "She is just another test subject, nothing more. However I was hoping that she would live a little bit longer than you seem to want her to, I had some paperwork to catch up on."

I was practically vibrating with anger. How dare they sit there and discuss my future, my life like I wasn't even in the room?

Kyle snickered to himself. "I think she reminds you of Amelia."

The room went dead silent for a moment before Brian swore. People began to yell; I heard a scuffle, and several loud thumps before the room was quiet again.

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