Chapter 7

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Sonic POV
After breakfast everyone left except me and my brothers. Amy, Rouge, and Blaze went shopping. So me and my brother studied our books for once and will probably never happen again. Anyways we found out we could learn each other's abilities. I went for Telekinesis first because it is the hardest. I mastered that and so did Shadow so I taught them speed then Shadow teaches me and Silver Chaos. We all each mastered each other's abilities  and then it was lunch time and me, Shadow, and Silver look at the map and I say "Alright we have one ore structure to go to before we can finally defeat our so call father." We hear a knock on the door and Silver went and opened it and we follow and Shadow asked "Who is at the door Silver?" Then we saw the women standing there and she asked "Are you Sonic, Shadow, and Silver?" We nod and she says "It me Queen Aleena." Then our jaws almost hit the floor and Shadow, Me, and Silver stutter "M-M-M-M-M-Mom!" She nodded and grabbed us with two metal arms we looked shocked and then realized it was a trick of Eggman, Aaron, and Mephile. They came into sight and me, Shadow, and Silver had a Chaos Emerald and said "CHAOS CONTROL* we were on the ground and Eggman looked surprised and said "You and Silver learned Chaos!" That when I said "Not only Chaos me and Shadow learned telekinesis and Silver and Shadow learnt Speed." We got in fight positions and Mephiles tackles Shadow  and Aaron tackled me while Silver took care of the robots. Then I heard Aaron say "Why even try to fight you!? You will fail to fight like all the rest did! Just like your mother!" Then that's when the fighting stopped they threw us to the ground and left. Then Shadow said "Let's go..." We walk home and sat on different couches and it was quiet. No one talked and it was just silent. That's when the girls came in and Rouge said "Okay what happened in here." I got up and left and so did Shadow and Silver we went to my room to talk.

We followed the boys as quietly as we could so we could spy on them. We came to Sonic's bedroom door and they went in and we listened.

Shadow:I can't believe we fell for that...

Sonic:I can't believe that robot...

Silver:I don't understand why Eggman would want to make a robot of her though.

Sonic:Either to do what he just did which was trick us with her and have his "slaves" beat us to the ground. Or who knows.

Shadow:I just want this whole ordeal over with...

Silver:What will happen when it's over.

Sonic:I just hope we don't leave each other in the dust like we use to do to each other.

Shadow:*Puts a hand on Sonic's shoulder* I will tell you this I'm not going to leave you in the dust.

Silver:*Puts his hand on Sonic's other shoulder* Me either.


Shadow:Lets get some rest I have a feeling tomorrow will be the last time we see "King" Aaron again.



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