Don't Forget Me: Everyone Has Their Secrets

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Chapter 1.

"Avastelle!" the teacher bickered "Are you listening?!"

"Huh? Err, no..."

Everyone's eyes were on me

She sighed "That's the fifth time this week Ava."

"Sorry...I...I tried to convince them but you know parents school is school."

She sighed again "Fine last warning."

"Thanks Mrs. Marsh"

Everyone knew what she was talking about. They all found out. It was all over the news. They should have let me stay home today. It's Friday, and they know I have accumulated at least 20 write ups for being 'distracted'. I sighed then someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned behind me to see who it was, of course my best friend Bree Null. She handed me a noted up piece of paper. I checked and the teacher was up at the board. So I opened it.

Hey U Okay?

I replied: No. I don't think I will ever be okay. Today my step-dad moves in with my new step-brother. And well you know...

I passed the note back to her and waited. Hm is it weird for someone's mind to be completely blank even after a horrible accident? Maybe not? Then the note was on my desk

She wrote: OMG! Yeah that must be really bad. Ooo but your step-brother is a huge HUNK! Sorry I know I should be more considerate after what happened. But truthfully I have no idea how you feel. So it's kinda hard ya kno?

I did know. It was harder for me to cope with it. She has only a mild part of the issue I have a full blown part of it. Well it wasn't my fault, it was my moms. She was driving.

I wrote back:

Yeah I know. You're trying your best. Thank you. Well if you want him you better make a move now because once he enters these school doors every girl will want him.

She replied: Yeah but he's a junior im a sophomore!

SO? One year younger! Go for him!

Thanks Ava (: Well G2G bell is about to ring.


With that the bell rang to let us out of school. And I quickly walked to my 2002 Nissan altima. Yeah I know it's kind of a crappy car but I bought it myself. I saved up for three years. My mom has a minivan, my step-dad And brother have mustangs. Really nice ones too. He wanted to get me a nicer car but I refused. I worked for this car and im keeping it.

The car ride was short; we only lived 20 blocks away from school. Once I pulled into the driveway my mother was running towards my car.

"Hunny! Okay ooo, yeah those shorts are not moving shorts! Go change! Now!"

"K mom."

I opened the door to our house and slipped off my bag and let it sit on the floor, then headed up stairs. I slipped off my shorts and chose white shorts, with a white undershirt for a top and a light purple jacket. It is late summer, so it's still mildly hot. I heard my mom shouting for me to get down there and help. I guess they are here. Great.

~1 hour later~

"Heres the bathroom, sadly mean you share one now. But I always get in and out at the same time so if you learn that you can get in too"

I was showing my new step-brother Brad around. Sure he's nice and all but whoever wants a new step-brother? Not me. Then we walked past his room the door was open and I shut it.

"Um, just leave that door closed"

"I wouldn't dare open it"

"Good okay now here is my bedroom; knock first if I say okay or what you can come in"