Chapter XXI: Crossing the Rubicon

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"Allea Iacta Est- The Die is Cast"

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Apollo handed the reins of the carriage over to his compatriot. Her makeshift red hair and delicate prosthetics did little to mask who she really was to those that knew her. The darling Cornelia could not have looked more broken yet resilient. This girl had intrigued Apollo since he met her, and at one time he attributed it to 'love', in reality, he was meant for someone else. 

Cornelia chucked at the horses, her eyes softened as she watched their gate and gazed off into the grey wilds of the Roman Empire. The world had been touched by winter, trees had lost their luster and the flowers had gone to sleep with the season. Yet, somehow Cornelia had managed to secret a small ghostly flower from her sister's home and held it tight in her hand. Her fingers toyed with the delicate petals and her eyes gazed at something far beyond the sleeping wildnerness

Apollo let sleep close his eyes as he trusted Cornelia to guide them back 'home' to Rome. To the city that housed their strongest crewmate. One who he had little hope would see their side, but if anyone could convince him of Zeus' vile ambitions it was Cornelia. Apollo had a gift for the language but no one could inspire like Hades' 'Persephone'. He smiled as his mind slipped into the memory of him finding Hades' after he had escaped Hera's clutches. 

Hades paced angrily back and forth inside the bridge. He was making precise adjustments to each control panel and diagnosing each infinitesimal piece of equipment. His face was covered in grime and engine grease. He had been crouched in front of the captain's console, in particular, for several minutes. "Come on!" he shouted at the inanimate object. A faint click and electronic whirring answered him, and he smiled.

Hades,  satisfied with his work delicately added a couple codes to the remaining consoles. He finished with the command console. He was delighted when the bridge hummed back to life. The once smoke infested darkroom was filled with a  familiar sterile white light. Mechanical beeps and clicks hummed happily in response to finally being brought back to life by his deft hands and careful calibrations. At least in his isolation from everything he cared about he had found a way to bring joy and light back into his dark and antagonistic world.

He smiled as sleepy security cameras fuzzed back to life revealing the strange alien creatures that roamed the corridors of the S.S. Inferis. Their haunting cries reverberated throughout the tiny blown speakers that were nestled on either side of the captain's chair.

Hades laughed as one security scan revealed Cerberus curled up protectively against outside the door to the bridge. Her legs were thrashing wildly in the throes of a dream. He had never been a dog person before, but something about this three-headed monstrosity appealed to him. Ever since Zeus had sentenced him to unending isolation in his own prison of death

Tinkering was the only thing that kept his mind off of the crippling knowledge that today was Cornelia's wedding day, which he would and has done everything in his power to stop. Not for himself, but for her sake. Gastonus was a monster, and would never hold a candle to Cornelia's brilliance and passion.

Hades' mind flashed back to the memory of the day Apollo had come to him. He marveled at how much they had accomplished in just a few short weeks.

Apollo arrived at the ship limping and groaning in pain. He was a panicked and sweaty mess, with legs that barely understood their purpose. Through sheer willpower and determination, his body had carried him twenty-six miles. From the closest city to the landing site of the S.S. Inferis, the city of Marathon. Apollo had forsaken his technological resources for his biological ones. Technology could be tracked, currency could be followed, but his footprints would blend in with the dusty road and vanish in the wind. His feet hit the hard clay pavement of the open road, he pounded through meadows, streams, and forests. Twenty-six miles sapped him of his strength, yet his body's weakness would not stop him. As his feet hit the metal plank of the S.S. Inferis his fatigue was not a weakness, but his triumph. No one could touch him now, and he could save his sister, and his friends from the greed of his Captain. 

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