Chapter 2

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Dorothy didn’t think she would be finding herself at a junkyard in the middle of Scottsdale, Arizona so that she could receive her birthday present from Chief Mars.

When the woman had gotten off of her day shift, she had found a letter with an address and the chief’s signature inside of it. The envelope was under her patrol car’s windshield wiper and just that this was the man’s way of saying, ‘Come meet me here’. The officer didn’t really know what to think at first, but decided she should at least follow the address in case this was something more important than receiving her gift that evening. So, the woman had grabbed her stuff from her locker, clocked out of her shift, waved a quick goodbye to the boys and sped back out onto the road to meet Chief Mars at the mystery location.

When Dorothy got to the junkyard, she didn’t know what to expect from the chief of police at this point. She stepped out of the cruiser and leaned against the side of the car as she watched Mars walk up to her with a devious smile on his face. Warnings started flashing in her head that this probably was not going to end well for her.

“So is this my gag gift before my actual present?” the woman asked, holding out her envelope and waving it a bit. The chief let out a laugh, which confused the woman even more. What was going on? Did she miss something?

“No, Haven.” he answered as he stopped laughing. “Your gift is inside the junkyard.”

“Oh boy. What did I ever do to receive such a wonderful gift?” she asked, drowning her voice in sarcasm and unenthusiasm.

“It’s better than you think.” the chief explained before walking towards the junkyard waving a hand to follow.

“You know, I thought this was going to be great.” Dorothy began to rant as she walked inside the open yard of scrap metal and old cars. “But the picture is starting to seem like a better gift than this. After less the guys put some actual thought into my present before giving it to me. If were here before you got your car towed again, I am not paying for it.”

“Would you calm down, Haven?” the chief complained, silencing the other person as they walked further into the yard and past more piles of rusting metal. The yard seemed to be a maze of old car parts and old cars just laying around and making a small path thee twisted through the lot. The place smelled like an old mill and some of the dusty ground beneath their feet would be a black puddle of mud that was oil that seeped out from a crushed car.

Must be a horrible way to die. Dorothy thought to herself as she continued to follow the older man through to the next path. I wouldn’t want to die here if I was a car.

As the pair turned around the last corner, Dorothy could already see the black and white paint from out of the corner of her eye. She stopped walking and turned towards the car, seeing it sit there and seem to weep in sorrow. Chief Mars walked over to the cruiser and patted its hood, leaning against the vehicle with the most smug look on his face.

“Ta da!” he exclaimed as he held his hands out to showcase the car he was in front of. “This is your birthday present. I bought it for you and I hope you appreciate it since you need to get a new car anyways.”

Dorothy just stared at him. A new car would of been a great present, if the car that Mars had bought was new. The police cruiser was dented in several places, mostly on its side doors and hood. Speaking of the hood, Dorothy shuddered as she noticed how far dented in the cover was. She hoped the engine wasn’t that damaged. Besides the dents and obvious broken sirens on the top of the car, the car was scorched and had several tears in the framework. By taking an overall look at the car, the woman would have thought this car had crashed into a telephone poll and was put through a blender.

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