Chapter 9

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The packhouse in the picture

Leila's pov

What the hell is Mr Handsomes problem? Don't tell me we have another tigerhater on our hands. He's just standing there staring, and it seems like I'm not the only one who's a bit confused.

The Alpha shakes off the surprise first though, "calm down Axel, they will soon be a part of the pack. I have already called for a pack meeting in two hours. Then everyone will take a vote"

He turns to me and Kyle, "Kyle, Leila, this is my Head Warrior, Axel." And then to the pissy guy "Axel this is your Luna, Kyle and his sister Leila." "I know you don't like tigers much, but you are just going to have to suck it up, cause Kyle is not leaving, and Leila is free to make up her own mind."

He stares at us for a little while, when his eyes meet mine it feels like the moment last for hours, not mere seconds. What the hell is that?

Then he huffs, swears under his breath and walks up the Alpha, puts his hand on his shoulder and his eyes soften for a moment "I'm happy for you Alpha, I truly am, and I will do my best to come to terms with the Luna being a tiger. He will always have my protection". Then his eyes turn to me and they go cold as ice once again, I see a flash of yellow so I'm guessing his wolf is less than impressed with my presence too. But he walks away without saying anything more.

For some odd reason I felt a little hurt by his complete rejection, but I had expected some of the wolves to have problems with me being here. So I shrugg it off and turn my attention back to the asswipe who had insulted me earlier, he seems quite a lot mellower in the presence of his Alpha. I cant hold back a small giggle and a wink, he has a strange expression on his face and doesn't look me in the eyes. Could be he is pissed, but it wouldn't be the first time a guy has crawled into my bed after a fight. I think they get turned on by my strength, and I have no problem with that. He may be a wolf ass, but he is also a fine piece of ass, I might want to cultivate this further.

"So, how about a tour of the place?" I'm not asking anyone in particular, but the Alpha answers.

"I wish I could give you that tour, but I have already neglected my duties for too long, I have to get some pack business done. But I bet Lewis here will LOVE to play tour guide won't you?" He turns to the guy I was fighting with a little while ago.

"Yes, Alpha," he's barely looking his way, he's probably embarrassed and pissed that he lost the fight and my moment of glory was witnessed by the Alpha. I, on the other hand, can't help grinning and loving the idea of getting further under his skin.

The Alpha turns to Kyle and they exchange a heated look, did something happen between those two? I need to get my dear brother on my own and really talk to him. We haven't talked since we got here. 

"I have to go Kyle, I won't be long, and if you need me you can tell anyone and they will link me," he tells him. "Once the pack agrees to have you join the pack I will give you both the Pack Mark, that way you can both join the pack link and link who you want directly." Kyle just nods and the Alpha gives him a longing look and slides his hand down his arm, making Kyle shudder under his touch. "Enjoy your tour," he turns and head back inside the house.

"Well, Leeeeewis, you ready to show us around?" I turn to him with a big smile. 

"Whatever, kitty, let's go," he says and stalks away. Its like he wants me to hit him again.

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