Chapter 8

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I have been writing a lot lately, so I figure why not just post

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I have been writing a lot lately, so I figure why not just post. Hope you enjoy!

Head warrior Axel in the picture

Axels's pov

"Put more force behind your punches," I tell the young warrior fighting with one of her pack mates "just because this is training doesn't mean you should hold back your punches, that's what the doctors for. You're werewolves for Goddess sake, you don't die easily". With that, they both get back to fighting and as instructed they don't hold back. "That's right, in a battlefield hesitation will get you killed, so you have to train without it as well, that way you are prepared when you are in a real combat situation!" 

I take a look around me and take in the sight of people in training, some in human form and some in wolf form. The sounds of snarling, growling and whining, as well as the smell of adrenaline, sweat and blood surround me,  I'm itching to get a piece of the action.

"Beta, with me!" I instruct, why should they get all the fun? He hesitates for a second, I'm known for not showing any mercy even when training, but it's not like I have ever killed anyone outside real battle.

He comes to stand in front of me and we start to circle each other. This is a waiting game, the person to make the first move is more likely to be vulnerable, and patience is something I have a lot of. After a little while my opponent moves in for the first strike, he tries to punch me, but I move back with no problem, giving him a little grin in the process to throw him off, it's really helpful if the opponent gets a little riled up, it makes them lose focus. It has the effect I was hoping for, and with a growl, he moves in again, this time he tries to swipe me off my feet. I easily get past his defenses and land a punch to his jaw, now he is really pissed. And I make my next move, with a quick motion I swipe out my leg catching his and easily drag him to the ground. Then I throw my body on his, grab his neck and position my self with his neck in the crook of my arm and the back of his head on my chest, I start choking him while landing hard punches to his ribs, stomach and face. He tries to fight back but soon the lack of air makes him go limp in my arms, I wait till he is still and I can hear his heart beat slower. Then I release him and push him off me, "someone get the doc, looks like the Beta needs his attention!" I yell over the noise of the training field. Pretty soon the Betas still unconscious body is being carried towards the pack hospital.

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