Letter 6

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Dear Mum,

I’ve met someone. Someone who might be able to save me from this darkness. He treats me like a princess and when I’m with him I can finally escape the pain.

His name is Mike, he’s a bit older than me at 20 and Mum I know you will be thinking he’s too old for me but he really does look after me. He is just finishing up some computer course at college, so I guess him being in education would be a positive for you. I know you always preferred when I dated smart boys. He lives in a flat with some mates who all treat me like a little sister. Sometimes they can be a bit clingy and annoying but Mike never leaves my side for long. He is really protective of me which I love...most of the time. He is so thoughtful and caring. He loves me mum, he tells me all the time. My heart finally feels whole like a void has been filled. It’s amazing! I wish you could meet him, I’m sure you would love him just as much as I do. He’s promised he will always look after me, he says we will be together forever. I believe him. I can’t imagine life without him, I can’t imagine going back into the darkness that your death left me in. I refuse to go back to that. Mum I’m in love, my very first love. I hate that you aren’t here to talk too, to help me get ready for dates or to gossip and giggle with when I get home. I have no one to share this new lease of life with. Oh mum I am so happy; I just wish you were here to share this experience with me.

I miss you mum, as much as always. Wish me luck on my big date tonight. I am going to his house to watch some films. It will be nice having time just me and him for a change. Fingers crossed it will all be a good night. Things are finally starting to get better!

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