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Bad Girls

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Wren was hunched up in her car, the bottle of Vodka that was nastled between her legs was starting to get warm from the heat of the car yet still she took a long pull on it before throwing it out of the window. She stuffed a hand in her pocket, trying to search for last pack of ciggarettes. Gone, they were all gone. She swore loudly and got out of her car, stumbling onto the curb. She took out her phone, looking at the numbers as they swirled before her eyes. Wren bit her lip and swore, stumbling into a standing position as she leaned against the car, she knew she would so get arrested if she even thougt about driving, hitching a ride was her best bet. She hiccuped and streched an arm out at passing cars, hoping one of them was kind enough to stop for her. Devon saw a girl who was looking for a ride and stopped. Not because she was a girl, but because she was someone in need. He rolled his window down and when he saw it was Wren from down the street dropped his jaw. He got out and quickly helped her inside the car, then got back in on his side. Wren smiled over at Devon and kicked her feet up onto his dashboard.

"Your that Devon kid right?" She said rudely, her hands itching for her ciggarettes that were no longer with her. She turned back to him and gave him another smile. "Thanks for the ride." She said simply, running her hands through her hair. Devon frowned.

"Um, yeah. I'm Devon." He was quiet for a moment and said, "So um, where am I taking you?" politely. He wasn't sure what she was up to or where she was going, but he wouldn't drop her off just anywhere.Wren wriggled in her seat and shrugged.

"Anywhere your going. I can't drive with my condition." She said seriously before setting her face into a grin, she couldn't drive because she was drunk.

"Hey, do you have any cigarettes on you?" She asked, wrinkling up her nose and biting her lip. 

 "You don't have a home?" quietly. He wasn't trying to be rude, but he didn't want to take a drunk girl home, and have to deal with two, knowing this was exactly Lelani's condition, or worse. He also didn't want her to wake up in the middle of the night suddenly sober and disoriented thinking he'd kidnapped her. "And no, I don't smoke." Wren frowned and shook her head quickly, tugging her feet underneith her.

".No, I got kicked out. I just drive away." She was silent for a moment, leaning her head against the window and taking a deep breath. "Well, I do, relieves the stress." She muttered to the window. Devon sighed, knowing he couldn't leave her just anywhere, but he wasn't sure how her living with him would turn out. Against his better judgement, he drove to his home and helped her inside, then sat her on the couch.

"I'll go get you some water," he said quietly as he disappeared for a short moment. Wren put her head in her hands and tried to shake the drink away, she wanted to thank him, but it wasn't in her nature, and she had to live up to her reputation.

"And some bread please!" She called after him, running a hand through her messy hair, she caught her reflection in the mirror and winced, she looked a mess. Devon grabbed a few rolls and sat them on a plate. He brought everything out to her and handed it to her gingerly. He sat next to her then put his own head in his hands. Wren shoved a few rolls in her mouth and sat back, studying him.

"I'm sorry, probably not what you expected your afternoon to be like." She chuckled, already feeling herself sober up. She looked up as the door slammed and bit her lip. "Wow...Who's that?" She whispered quietly. Lelani shoved the guy following her away from her, satisfied when he almost fell down the stairs. "Fuck off, how about that? You don't know shit about me. And you never will. You won't understand my life or my choices, and I don't expect you to," she shouted at him. She unlocked the door and walked inside angrily, then slammed it in her face. She walked through the kitchen, grabbed everything she'd need for the morning, and went to her room where she passed out later.  Devon shrugged and said,

"Believe it or not, it's a little better," referring to the way his twin always came home. When she walked through the door and slammed it, he knew she was pissed off and made a mental note to check on her after about an hour of cooling off. She always had a temper when she was out of wack. He turned to Wren and said, "Ah, that's my twin. She's a little bit like you, you could say," he answered quietly. Wren nodded, she'd seen him and his sister together a few times, honestly, she couldn't see the family resembalance.

"Oh, how so?" She asked softly, raising he eyebrows slightly as she broke off another roll and ate it. She looked upwards and frowned, hoping it wasn't anything bad.

Devon was quiet for a moment, trying to figure out how to phrase it. "Well, she expresses herself in the same ways you do, I'll leave it at that," he said quietly. When the doorbell rang, he excused himself to answer. He saw a boy standing there and said, "Um, can I help you?"


  I do a lot of roleplaying, and I really just wanted to make a story out of some of them. c': enjoy.

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