best reddie moments (movie)

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•Eddie bought 2 ice creams (one for him and one for Richie) and after Richie tried to play that horn, Eddie gave it to Richie but it looked partially licked. imagine Richie going 'here babe hold this' and running off into the parade

•When the Patrick Hockstetter missing poster is getting hung, Eddie falls in the background and tries to get off his bike and Richie waits for him

•During the projector scene- when Eddie is hyperventilating and using his inhaler- Richie's the only one who looks at him (very concerned)

•Also in the projector scene, Richie and Eddie immediately grab each other when Pennywise starts messing with the projector

•When Pennywise is coming at Eddie after he broke his arm and Richie turns Eddie's face gently and makes him look at him and not Pennywise

•Pennywise uses Eddie to lure Richie into the clown room (you see Eddie pop out and say Richie's name)

•During the blood oath, Richie squeezes Eddie's shoulder when he's getting cut

•Richie and Eddie are the only ones that hug at the end scene before walking off

•When the boys and Bev first walk into Ben's room, Richie and Eddie walk in talking and laughing and being very cute and happy together

•When Richie's freaking out about finding his missing poster, he continuously looks at Eddie (for
reassurance most likely) and Eddie stares at him with wide eyes/covering his mouth (most likely scared because of how scared Richie is and he can't help)

•And of course all their banter and conversations

ahh i just love Reddie

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