Chapter 9

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I open my mouth to respond when there's a knock on my front door. I get up to go downstairs in order to open it, shaking the thought from my head.

I open it to see Matt standing on my doorstep with tears in his eyes.
"What's up?" I say sincerely
"I have to talk to you" he says catching his breath. He must have run here.
"What?" I say beginning to panic
"It's Amy"
"What that you've been dating her for the past 3 months behind me back? Oh I already know about that"
"It's not that- wait, how did you-?"
"Nash. Now what is wrong?"
"She- the sea- stinging" he splutters
"What?" I say puzzled
"She got stung" he manages to say "by a jellyfish"
"Why didn't you- you know- pee on it?"
"I didn't want to you know, get 'it' out in front of her"
"You slept with her?"
"That's different"
"Whatever. What about Shawn? Carter?"
"Shawn refused and Carter tried, he couldn't pee though"
"You boys are pathetic"
"I know, can you please come?" I hear a faint scream in the distance, the beach is only a 10 minute walk away after all. "Yes, that's her!"
"Ok ok" I hurry "NASH" I scream "AMYS BEEN STUNG, BE BACK SOON" I yell, receiving no reply before I slam the door behind me.

I run as fast as I possibly can to the beach. I race ahead of Matt who is jogging, trying to keep up with me. I laugh, not even out of breath. I run every morning, I try to get Taylor to come with me, but he'd rather just drive next to me. He did that once, talk about lazy.

We reach the beach in about 3 minutes. I mean we were running after all. I pace over to where the boys are all crowded around Amy, who is on the floor screaming in pain.

"Amy! I'm here!"
"Sky" she breaths between screams
"Give me some space guys, all of you turn away right now" they all turn away from me as I begin to undo my shorts.

What happened next is something I never want to recall ever in my life again. Talk about embarrassing. Long story short- I peed on her leg, she stopped screaming and that was it, she's fine.
"Thank you so much Sky" She says as I pull her up, helping her to lean on me and take the pressure off of her leg.
"Anytime" I say heroically
"Are you guys done?" Matt says, still with his back to us.
"Yeah" we say unanimously. Carter and Matt take Amy from me and she wraps an arm around each of them.

"Are you alright? Carter asks
"Yeah I'm fine"
"You were so brave" Aaron speaks up
"Yeah so brave!" Jack Gilinsky adds. Since when did he like Amy so much? I thought they hated each other?
"Are you sure you're fine?" Matt asks again, she nods impatiently.

I understand that she was left in pain for a bit, but who was the one that saved her? Me. Exactly. It seems like I'm saving her a lot recently. Well a lot of people actually. Taylor got stuck in a tree last week, and who was the one who saved him? Me. As usual.

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