Chapter 41: Magic Army

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            Before having to deal with a very angry ghost boy, Batman put both hands on the shard. With a quick and hard ''YANK,'' he pulled it out. Siren screamed as it was pulled. Batman quickly put the shard in an isolation box to keep its effects away. This allowed the two other Graysons to run to the youngest among the brothers.

          ''Will he be okay,'' Dick asked Batman, but Phantom beat him to the bunch.

          ''He will,'' Danny said, tears streaming down his face. ''Sirens heal almost as fast as ghosts. With the shard out, he'll be fine in an hour or so.''

            Nightwing put his arm around brother, comforting him as he broke down. Phantom was always so protective of his twin, putting on a stone face and acting tough. He may be all sarcasm and wit in battles, yet the entire time he was protecting his brother. He was the one person he cared for most, and it hurt him right in the heart to see him like that.

           ''Everything will be okay, little brother,'' Dick comforted. ''He'll heal up and be flying in no time.''

         ''Why does this keep happening to us,'' Danny sobbed. ''We never did anything to deserve this. It's like the world just hates us.''

           ''We all think that, sometimes,'' Dick says. ''But remember this; as long as i'm here, nothing will ever separate us again. Especially not death.''

           ''Thanks, big brother,'' Danny said, then turned serious to Batman. ''If you even think about creating weapons with that ectoranium. I. Will. Kill. You. And if you come back as a ghost, i'll throw you into the Phantom's Keep dungeons.''

           ''I'd listen to him, if I were you, Bats,'' Dick slightly chuckled. ''He probably has very little patients, right now.''

           Batman walked out with the case to dispose of the dangerous mineral. Even without the threat, he would never use something that could harm his sons. The two followed him, anyway. Beetle took his chance with Siren. He wiped some of his white hair out of his face.

          ''You are one of the strongest people I know, and I know you'll be okay,'' Jaime says. ''Come back to me.''

          He leaned down and pressed his lips against Siren's. There was a wave of true love.Beetle pulled away. Siren gasped, opening his eyes.

                                                                   *****Time Skip*****

          ''I can fly. I can fly. I can fly,'' sang throughout the cave.

          ''I think someone's awake,'' Valerie said.

           Siren came flying through the living room. He had a bandage over his chest and it was wrapped tightly, but he was fine. It still didn't stop Phantom and Nightwing from freaking out and acting like he was a fragile piece of glass.

          ''I think the pain killers are working,'' Conner said, getting dizzy from watching Siren fly in circles.

        ''Something tells me that it is not pain killers,'' Kaldur says, seeing Beetle enter the room just after Siren did.

          ''Siren, can you please get down here,'' Dick pleaded.

        ''Don't make me come up there, young man,'' Danny threatened, seriously sounding like a dad right then.

          Siren floated down, gently. 

          ''You guys are no fun,'' he fake pouted.

          The two then engulfed their brother in a hug. They made sure not to make it too tight so they didn't reopen his wound.

       ''Now, let's get things clear,'' White started. ''One, I hate robots. Two, I know you are all happy to see me alive, but we have some serious matters to attend to.''

          The others all nodded, agreeing with him.

          ''With the weapons out of their reach, they'll make a move toward destroying the heart,'' Lena says. ''The Isle of Stories, and us, are the last line of defense to keeping magic alive in all worlds.''

         ''The league will have to stay on Earth to handle things here, so it is just us,'' Ma'gann said to the ones that didn't know.

           ''Um...'' Lena started, a little mysteriously. ''That's not entirely true.''

           ''Huh,'' the team gawked at the siren of nature.

           ''Just follow me,'' Lena said.

           She lead them down the hall, toward the training room. They could all hear the commotion going on in the room. Phantom, Siren, Huntress, and Alya all lit up with delight. When they got in, all of the guardians and magical being they met were there. They all looked ready to brawl. Juliet, Mason, Krinos, Caitlin, Alain, Sarah, Ethan, and Erica. Add in Alya and Lena and you have a total of ten ready and able warriors.

         ''You didn't think that we'd just stand idly by while our home was in danger, did you,'' Lena smirked.

         ''This might be fun after all,'' Roy snickered, rubbing his hands together.

           ''We haven't seen them in forever,'' Danny said.

        ''And now, we're all together,'' White smiled, but then his eyes flashed gold. ''Oh, this is going to hurt.''

          ''What are you talking a...'' Danny stopped himself. ''You're right. This is gonna hurt.''

          There was a squeal of complete and utter glee. Two seconds later, they were both tackled by an ice wielding werewolf. They all ended up in a pile on the floor.

          ''You're alive,'' Alain cried.

          ''Ow,'' both twins said. 

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