Wedding Day

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Wedding Day

"August you know you can't see her right now, you only got a couple of minutes until you both will be infront of each other " My mom said rubbing my back

"I just want to talk to her ma, I'm nervous I got to hear her voice or some I haven't seen her since yesterday morning. " I sighed

"And you can wait a few more minutes. "

"No, I can't let me just talk to her through the door "  I begged

"Ok that's it don't try anything else August" she pointed and moved from in front of me

"I won't " I took a deep breath fixing my tux before I opened the door to leave the room

Walking down the hall I turned the corner before stepping in front of the door she was at

I was about to knock but I heard sobs that made me worried I didn't know if she was nervous and about to change her mind or what

When I was about to reach for the door knob I heard her start talking so I moved my hand and put my ear near the door

"So what I'm suppose do " she choked on her words

"Nova what you mean what you suppose to do" her sister Nevaeh shouted

"Stop yelling at me it's in the past leave it as that. I'm about to get married in a couple of minutes. "

"How the hell you going to marry this man and you lied Nova"

I frowned trying to figure out what's was going on

"It was a reason Nevaeh"

"There was no reason and I can't believe I really kept my mouth shut. You low down Nova, that man love you. I thought you was going to tell the truth. That's the only reason why I kept my mouth shut for so long"

"I was but I can't hurt him like that I can't Veah you my sister you suppose to be on my side"

"But you in the wrong you think he won't be hurt when ever he find out " Nevah yelled

"He wont and you better not tell him either keep your mouth shut you the only one that know so if he do I know I can't trust my own blood"

"You can't trust yourself "

By this point I was getting heated my heart start beating faster and I was getting hot I wanted to know what the hell was going on and they wasn't saying any thing

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