Danganronpa AU final p2

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Luna's POV

This was impossible. Cory barley said because he thinks that we won't understand. This is what Cory was talking about when he said 'We were all going to die' . I didn't want to answer, I had no answer. "Time's ticking" Sol said. "He..................Wanted to....................Save him?" I guessed. Everyone looked at me while Sol was surprised. "Yeah, he wanted to save him but he messed upped and failed" I said with more confidence. "Shut up shut up shut up shut up" Sol said. "What's the matter? I thought you wanted an answer" I said smirking. Sol groans and everyone is looking at Sol. "Everyone, here's how it truly went.
Sol put a letter that said to go to the kitchen at 11:34. Sol was going to use a rusty pipe as the murder weapon. Sol broke the glass to cut him. She wanted to kill him because she wanted to pace up this game. Cory didn't know this, he only t that Tommy was somewhere. Tommy went to the kitchen and went to go get something to eat. Sol went and cut him. Tommy screamed loud, loud enough for Cory to here. Cory ran in with a broom and saw what was happing. He went in and tried to hit Sol in the head with the broom. Sol noticed and moved, making Cory the culprit. Tommy was the one who got hit and died. Cory didn't know what to do or say. He ran out and Sol was the one moving the body and throwing away the glass. Sol cleaned the rusty pipe and the broom. She cleaned the pipe to make it look like it was the murder weapon. She left the pipe in the next room and the broom in the kitchen. Sol left fine but quickly remembered the glass in the trash. She tried to run in and get it but Red and I were already in the kitchen." I explained. Sol didn't say anything, she just laugh. "What's so funny?" Nick asked. "Time for your punishments" Sol said. "No, we found the killer so it won't matter why. You killed Dawn and Sky, we didn't. Time for your punishment" I said. We all agreed it was Sol and the punishment began. Sol just laugh her head off.


Sol is sitting down on a bed while Monokumu is using the electric machine on her head. Then gets smashed by a hammer.

Sol was walking down a long room with axes going every. Sol got a lot on herself.

Sol was standing up and waving as the meatless Dinosaur smashed her with its foot.

Sol was sitting down and smiling as Monokumu took a picture showing Sol getting smashed.

Sol was placed in a room with fruit flying everywhere. Sol doesn't cut anyone and gets slashed many times.

Sol is now sitting on a chair that is being moved and going to be thrown in a lava pit. Sol is laughing her head off and waving slowly. At the end, Sol jump off the chair before the chair went down and dived right into the lava. A skull shaped smoke came out of the lava pit.

"It's" Shelby said. "It's all over" I continued. "We can finally go home" Jon said happily. "Not for everyone else" Nick said. "Please go to the hallway in your right" Said Monokumu through the speakers. A door open up on the right side of the grand hall and we all went in. I saw an elevator with its doors opened. "This is..........The exit" I said. "Hey" someone yelled. We all looked behind ourselves and saw everyone who died except Sol waving. "Good job guys" Jin said. "I knew you would do it" Ross said. "We all believe in you" Jess said. "Keep pushing forward" Uni said."You guys got this" Barney said. "You guys are good worms" Tommy said. "Don't forget us" Cory said. "You did it" Red said. "This journey was long but you guys got through it" Ashlie said. "Don't worry about us" Dawn said. "You guys are awesome" Sky said. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Bye guys" Jon, Shelby, Nick and I said. Everyone left, except Cory. Cory just stood there. "So, you guys did it. Too bad for the rest of us" He said calmly. We all just looked at him. "To be honest, I thought I was the one who killed Ashlie and Red. If I have killed Sol instead of Tommy, this would have been all over and Ashlie and Red would have gotten their happy ending" Cory said. "It wasn't your fault" Shelby said. "Yeah, you tried to save Tommy but failed" Jon said. I could tell Nick was still upset. "Yeah, I know. And don't worry, Tommy and the rest of us will be fine" Cory said and left. We all turned around. "Are you guys ready?" Nick asked. "As ever" Jon said. "Yes" Shelby said. "I guess" I said. We all went in and the elevator went up. Everything went white. Then, I was looking at sunlight with the rest. I got my happy ending, but not the rest of us.


Luna Lover: The Best Detective
Nick Shatzki: The Best Voice Actor
Jon Jon: The Best Joker
Shelby Grace: The Best cinnamon roll


Cory Crater: The Best Photographer
Ashlie 9596: The Best Swordsman
Uni Comics: The Best Artist
Dawn Riku: The Best Techisis
Tommy Shreddens: The Best Bomber
Sky Minecraft: The Best Devil
Barney Winkleton: The best historian
Red Vactor: The Best Switcher
Nick Barbeirian: The Best Gamer
Max Mithzan: The Best Axeman
Ross Washington: The Best Doctor
Jin Bop: The Best Bookworm
Jess Irene: The Best Veterinarian

Hey Lovers. Thank you for Reading the last part if my Danganronpa series. This isn't officially over because the next on will be extras. The Extras will be unused deaths, bloopers and things that were scratched out like what characters were going to say or said but I switch it. You guys may not like the next on because the protagonist are Tommy and Cory. I looked through the whole THQ series and found no Dommy or Dory so that's why I choose them. Sorry I have not been publishing, I have to go to middle school and I stay for after school every week so that takes time out of making my stories. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out. <3

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