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Hey, my amazing readers!

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Hey, my amazing readers!

Thank you so very much for reading! It means the world to me. If you enjoyed GUARDIAN, please consider leaving me a rating/review, no matter how short. GUARDIAN is up on Goodreads and has recently been released on Amazon!

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The story continues with the third and final book of the SPIRITS' WAR TRILOGY: INCARNATE!

Will the spirits be able to help Inti remember his role as the Sun God before he destroys more shapeshifter lives? And will Nwyfre be able to contain his own hatred as years upon years of memories resurface - memories of Patercius' cruel nature?



Here are some shoutouts to the supportive, talented people who've helped me edit book two. You are the best!

EvelynHail Your attention to detail is unmatched. You've been commenting on every chapter with thoughts on how to improve my writing and polish the manuscripts. Your support is priceless :D

AuthorJMColes The mighty Dragon Editor and life of the Eyeball Army. You don't hesitate to point out errors and give me much-appreciated advice on characters and plot. This story would be nothing without your keen eye for detail (did I use that one correctly? :P)

Celestious91 Your comments always brighten my day. You've stuck with this series since it was brand new on this site and have helped it get to where it is today :D

DebbAnn I'm grateful to have your input and kind comments every step of the way. Thank you so much for the feedback and for continuing to read!

JimHeter You've been reading my work for a few years now, since it was on the small (now closed) site, WriteOn. I can't thank you enough for the feedback you've given me over the course of this series. Much appreciated!

EJameshenry22178 I really appreciate all the feedback and kind comments you've given me on both books. I'm honoured to have your support!

Dragonrat703 You've been posting kind, helpful comments the entire way through. I'm grateful for the support and hope to see more of your riveting short stories up soon!

SueBaron One of my first readers and a very talented author of vampire fantasies. So lucky to have you along for the journey.

ElishaEnchanted I really appreciate your feedback on my series. Your helpful, funny comments are a pleasure to see and your urban fantasy is even more of a pleasure to read :)

ssmith314 Your support and enthusiasm were so much appreciated. I'm looking forward to the day you publish your own books - they will be well-loved!

CynkNapp Thank you for speeding through my series and taking the time to leave such nice reviews. Your fantasy/sci-fi stories are very creative and exciting.

MayaR-31 I greatly appreciate your advice on aspects of U.K. life, as I am not so fortunate as to live there. I hope The Light of Elysium and its sequels become bestsellers as they deserve to.

SoleilDaniels Thank you for your continued support of my series. I'm glad to have known you since the days of WriteOn. Looking forward to more of your enticing vampire and horror stories!

donnaf1828 I appreciate the many comments you have posted on my books and the suggestions you've made. Your writing delves deep into human nature, culture, and ethical issues - I'm lucky to get the chance to read it while it's still in the works.

John Tolstoy King ( - Thanks so much for reading and reviewing books one and two. I thoroughly enjoyed your character Mary Botter and her antics. Looking forward to the sequel.

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