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They didn't want me around anymore? I mean, I know I should've seen this coming from the lack of visits, but it still hurt. "We aren't kicking you out Sean, we figured that you'd be happier if you went with Professor Xavier. He has an entire school of mutants and he can actually understand you. We all figured you'd be much happier than you are here," Tony told me. I narrowed my eyes at the two, 'Perhaps they don't know what troubles you,' I heard Charles echo again. I looked over at him, 'They've rarely visited me, Steve and Pietro visit me every other day, but the others? Once a week if that,' I threw the information at Charles. His frown deepened. "Why do you all so rarely visit him so? He says only Steve and Pietro visit him bi-daily." Tony looked guilty, "I'm always busy in the lab with Bruce, Thor left for Asgard, Clint's retired and Natasha's usually on a mission." Charles only blinked and looked at the flowers Clint had sent this week. "Who are these from?" Charles asked as he gestured to the flowers. Steve answered, "Clint sends him flowers every week," Charles looked satisfied with that. 'Would you like to move into my school? You can bring your things with you. I will be sure you have visitors.' Charles echoed again. I sighed before nodding my head. It couldn't be much worse than being with people who were trying to get rid of you.

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