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Jonah's pov 

'when are you guys gonna be official??' Jonah ask curiously.

'uhm.. I..i gotta take bath' I purposely smell both of my armpits and make that impression(you know that face u made when u smell something smelly) 'YUCKS gosh I gotta go'

I look at him weirdly.

'dude whats wrong with him' Jack ask.

'cmon he just wants to take a bath' Corbyn said confidently.

'obviously but he's tryna avoid that question though' Zach said.

I agree with what Zach said and just grab the remote control and switch on the television. Zach finding food in the fridge. Jack playing his phone on the couch. Corbyn going up to take bath. What a night without Diana around.

Daniel's pov

I decided to text Diana. (and yes I got her number already)


Hey I miss you babe


I miss you too babe

I miss my room there.


Your room...


Yeah its so comfortable there

Wish I could stay a lil' longer


You are always welcome here babe

Well, this house is just incomplete right now


What do you mean?


You're not around here with me


Aww I promise I'll visit you there one day


Love you and have a great day with your family


Love u too babe

Thanks u too

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