Chapter 14: Like Father...Unlike Son

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With Rebecca still approaching her father, Sanford pumped the shotgun and loaded the next shell.

"Thank you dad, you saved my life."

"I'm sorry Rebecca but I didn't save your life, I'm taking it from you just like I did to your parents."

"Wait you mean you're the one who killed my parents, I thought you said they...died in the mines but how would you know that. Unless you killed them."

"I'm sorry Rebecca, you were never suppose to find that key, but I couldn't stop you from finding your parents and when you walked in with it I knew it was only a matter of time that you'd suffer the same fate as them."

With the final dots coming together, Rebecca looked at the man she had once called her father who was in fact the one with the darkest secret on the island. However now that man was also the one aiming a shotgun again in her direction.

"So that means you already found the treasure."

"It's true I found the treasure fifty years ago, and quite a bit of it is still around today."

Rebecca was now looking into the eyes of a man she no longer knew, while Sanford was slowly starting to show a little compassion to Rebecca but still kept the gun focused on her.

"So humour me before you kill me, where did you keep it?"

Trying to get some distance, Rebecca tried to back up against the wall using her question as a distraction.

"Well it's obvious it was in the last place anyone would look right under the-" As if it was cued to happen the sound of glass shattering rung out from behind Sanford. "What the hell?"

The old man turned around to see where the noise was coming from, while he did that it gave Rebecca enough time to grab a vase from around the corner and throw it at her once father figure. The vase spiralled through the air just as Sanford was turning back to face Rebecca at the wrong time, and the vase shattered on the side of his head causing his body to drop to the ground.

Rebecca ran over Miles' dead body and over to Sanford to check his pulse. It was faint but she could still feel the faint beating coming from his body but she still had one problem. Who shattered the glass? A few moments passed as a familiar looking pistol that Rebecca had begun to know all to well appeared from around the corner followed by a familiar person. Kevin. As he turned the corner Kevin briefly aimed the gun at Rebecca as a precaution but quickly withdrew it as he saw her standing there alone, and looked at the carnage in the hall.

"Wow looks like I missed some stuff."

"You're not going to kill me right?"

Kevin holstered the gun and ran over to Rebecca and hugged her, while she couldn't help but feel a little untrusting even though he was one of the good guys.

"No you don't have to worry about that, I'm one of the good guys," Kevin said putting his arm around Rebecca. "However there is something you should know."

The two looked at each other, as Kevin stopped for a moment before Kevin finally finished.

"I'm your brother, well weird sorta half-brother."

When the truth finally left Kevin's lips, Rebecca was looking past her half-brother and could see Sanford slowly regaining consciousness and began to crawl forward.

"Uh, Kevin."

Looking at his half sister, he see's Rebecca pointing toward something and lets go of her and began to turn around. When behind him Sanford put his hand on Miles' pistol, which left Kevin and Rebecca defenceless as they both looked at the armed man.

"Dad, put the gun down and just give up."

Kevin was pleading with his father, trying to get through to him but it was to late. Sanford turned to look at his two kids and put the gun to the side of his head. Both kids looked into he man's gold possessed eyes, as he said his final words to his children.

"I don't have any children, the treasure dies with me."

The sound of the trigger being pulled echoed in their ears as they both watched their father take his own life. The siblings both erupted with a synced NOOO! before falling to their knees, the two knelt there in silence as time passed around them. Tears ran down both of their faces, before Kevin was the first to get back up and he offered a hand to Rebecca.

"C'mon it's over. Nothing we can do now."

Rebecca took her brothers hand and stood up as they both took one last look at the body of the old man and Miles, but ultimately the nightmare was finally over as the two walked out the front door of the cabin and sat on the porch watching the sunset.

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