My Little Sister

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Note: This is a work of pure fictional poetry. The people, acts and intentions did not happen in real life and should not happen in real life. I appolagize for any trouble my work will cause and i hope that no one will look down on me. ENJOy.


One night I had the luck to put my little sis to bed,
I tucked her in and gave her a quick kiss on the head,
She smiled at me and giggled as her cheeks turned brightly red,
‘Can you stay with me tonight, Torelll?” the little sweetie said.

I went over to the window and drew curtains on the night,
Strolled over to the wall switch and flicked off the bedroom light,
Then I climbed up in the bed next to her and pulled the covers tight,
My little sister cuddled close and hugged me up with all her might.

I shivered at the thought of her young body close to mine,
The heat of her soft skin so close to me felt so divine,
She whispered in my ear, ‘you can touch me, bro its fine.’
So I ran my fingers lightly up and down her little spine.

She grabbed my hand and brought it round to touch her on the chest,
Knowing then what she wanted I put my hand under her vest,
Her hard little nipples stood out from her pre-teen breasts,
Her boobs where rather tiny but that’s how I like them best.

As I kept on playing with her breasts she squirmed in vast excitement,
I pulled her vest off of her and gave her the sucking treatment,
While I licked her nipples my hand slipped down to her basement*,
Her panties where so fucking wet it heightened my amusement.

I ran my tongue along her body till it reached her crouch,
Her mound was hairless as a babe’s and so smooth to the touch,
I’m not the kind of guy that likes to eat out girls and such,
But the taste of that sweet pussy – I enjoyed it very much.

I pushed my tongue into her hole and set her soul on fire,
She arched her back and called my name out loud in her desire,
My cock strained hard against my shorts knowing it must acquire,
This young sweet virgin pussy that I so much so admire.

I raised my up from her slit – my lips still dripping juice,
I knew my sister’s pussy would be tighter than a noose,
I didn’t care I ditched my shorts and let my member loose,
It sprung out dripping pre-cum – hard and ready for its use.

We both were soaking wet as sweat ran from our every pour,
I looked deep into her blue eyes and saw she wanted more,
I slid her panties off her legs and dropped them to the floor,
Then placed my throbbing member at the entrance to her core.

I pushed my cock against her hole and felt a slight resistance,
Her hymen was baring the way into that lovely entrance,
I knew that it would break as long as I gave my assistance,
I’d already come this far there was no getting back the distance.

I brought her hands up to my mouth and kissed her finger-tips,
Then leaning forward slowly pushed my tongue between her lips,
And as I kissed her deeply I trusted forward with my hips,
She gave a muffled scream as her hymen simply rips.

I pounded at her pussy like I was unstoppable,
As she screamed and moaned and cried - of speech she was incapable,
I sensed the pressure building and it felt so wonderful,
I never knew loli pussy was so incredible.

I felt my sister reach the edge and tumble overboard,
her pussy muscles squeezed so hard i almost lost my load,
knowing i was near to my end i switched to hyper mode,
i buried my cock deep in her and let my seed explode.

I lay next to my sis and gazed up at the ceiling tiles,
We both were breathing hard as if we'd run a thousand miles,
i glanced her - she glanced at me - we both wore tired smiles,
For her sweet loli pussy i would swim ten river niles.

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