Chapter 2: The Capital

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The three of them were still in Noòx's quarters...
Noòx then broke the short silence. "Theron, Lana, it's good to see you again" said Noòx, "Likewise, but can you inform us next time you're going to reform our current system" said Theron as he then held his hand for his eyes and mouth, clearly showing off that he was annoyed. "What Theron is trying to say is, why would you reform our current system into that of the Sith Empire?" asked Lana calmly. "It's just like I said, the alliance and empire of Zakuul were Noòx longer necessary, the galaxy didn't need them anymore, therefore I changed" said Noòx, "Oh yeah, and the Galaxy needs another Empire ruled by psychopaths that will commit atrocities!" shouted Theron, "I understand your point. But I assure you it will not be like that. This will be a new Empire. We will not follow a single being, we will follow a group, The Dark Council. But not the one you know. It's members will be limited to avoid squabbling. The members themselves will of course be Sith, they will have their own desires and goals. But we will make sure that they put the interests of the Empire first" said Noòx, "I presume you will be on the Dark Council, but what about the Sith Order, and the Jedi in your command?" asked Lana, "Correct. On the matter of the Sith, they must change as well. They will no longer be the kind that fights each other over an ounce of power. We will change the meaning of Sith, we will become an order that understands both Light and Dark, we will become an Order that follows the will of the Force" said Noòx, "That sounds a bit like the Grey Jedi" said Theron. "Irrelevant, while they try to understand both sides of the force they are still chained to the teachings of the Jedi. But for now we will also be chained to the ways of the ancient Sith. Not all of them are wrong and some will stay. But we will break with the past when necessary, and become something this galaxy has never seen before" said Noòx, "An interesting goal, but that doesn't entirely explain what you are going to do to the Jedi." said Theron, "Like I said in my speech, they can join me or leave, it is not my choice to make" said Noòx, "You will have to admit it sounds fair" said Lana. Theron sighed, "I guess you're right, I'll just try and work this out. I'm leaving you two to... whatever it is you do" said Theron as he then left the room, leaving Noòx and Lana alone. "So, it has been quite a while for you, hasn't it?" asked Lana, "Three thousand years" said Noòx, "You know, people say that love fades with time... I just need to know Noòx, do you still love me?" said Lana with fear in her voice. Noòx then approached her, grabbed her hands and looked her straight into the eyes. "Lana Beniko, there wasn't a day that I didn't think about you, I will always love you, no matter what. I would conquer galaxies if that would make you smile, I will do anything to protect you, and I will love you, now and always" said Noòx as he then sensed the fear fading away from Lana and it was replaced by joy. "Oh come here you" said Lana as she then took Noòx's mask of and she then embraced and kissed him. He had almost forgotten the softness of her lips, the comfort of her embrace. When Lana stopped she looked Noòx in the eyes. He had a bright smile on his face, one he only shows when genuinely happy. "You know, It's been a while but I think I know a few things we can do" said Noòx, "You don't have to ask me twice" said Lana as the two embraced each other once more. [And we all know what happened here]

"Yep, that's what I truly needed the most right know" said Noòx, "Glad I could help" said Lana. "So, what will you do while the Alliance will slowly be converted into the new Sith Empire?" asked Lana, "You see that datapad there" said Noòx pointing towards a datapad that was lying on the holotable, "What about it?" asked Lana, "It has all the instructions in it if what I want to happen while I'm gone" said Noòx, "Where are you going?" asked Lana concerned, "Coruscant, I feel a presence, a powerful one and its drawing me towards itself. I am not sure if it's the will of the Force or not but I must investigate" said Noòx, "When will you leave?" asked Lana, "Tomorrow, my ship is already being prepared as we speak" said Noòx, as he then noticed a sad look on Lana's face. He then grabbed her by the chin and made her look him in the eyes. "I promise Lana, when I'm back we will have time to enjoy ourselves" said Noòx, "I know, just don't get yourself killed" said Lana who then kissed Noòx once more.

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