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Being paralyzed sucks, being paralyzed and mute has a lot of extra suck. It had been almost a year since I'd saved Clint. The doctors confirmed that my paralysis was permanent. I couldn't really communicate with anyone, Wanda was able to get in my head to get an idea of what I wanted, but there were no exact statements. I couldn't type them up either. For the first few months, everyone visited me daily. But over time, they started visiting less and less. Some only visited with me once a week. It's not like I could blame them, we couldn't do or talk about anything. Clint eventually went home, stating retirement after two months. Clint still send me flowers once a week with a card of thanks. I loved it when he did. Clint sent me a couple beta fish once, one was black and the other was white. I named them Yin and Yang. Tony had bought them a gallon sized tank with a divider and set it up next to my bed so I could watch them. One of the nurses that was hired to take care of me had to feed them though... She was really nice, but I think she thought that taking Clint's injuries had knocked a few screws loose. She always spoke slowly and simplified her sentences as much as possible when she spoke to me. But she picks shows from my favorites list on Netflix for me to binge watch. I was thankful that Tony took off the 'Are you still watching?' screen after he'd walked in after I stared at it for almost two hours.

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