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Tony showed up and once I'd gotten the message across that Clint was down there, we began to rapidly look for him. We didn't find him until the battle had ended, which it hadn't lasted much longer. Clint looked like shit, I looked for a pulse, it was barely there. I looked at Tony, who called for immediate medical evac. Everyone who was on the comms started to panic. I looked down at Clint and made my decision. When Tony turned away to wave over Steve, I kneeled down and put a hand on Clint. I took his pain and collapsed as soon as it was done. The last thing I saw was Clint shooting upright with a gasp for air before everything went black.

I woke up feeling blissfully numb. I heard a heart monitor, and what sounded like air coming out of a tube. I slowly opened my eyes, Clint had his front half slumped on my bed, his hand was on mine. Steve and Wanda were sleeping in other places around the room. Pietro noticed I was awake and moved to my side, "You are an idiot Sean, a selfless idiot." Now that Pietro was closer, I could see tear tracks on his face. Natasha walked in as Clint lifted his head, and saw that I was awake. "Sean why did you do that? I could've handled my injuries on my own! Now you're stuck here." Clint's voice cracked on the last sentence. His face looked like he'd been crying also. Why were they crying? I'd heal soon enough. My confusion must've shown, because Natasha leaned against the foot of my bed, her hands on either side of my legs. "Sean, you're paralyzed from the neck down."

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