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It was going great, I'd already saved almost a hundred people. I was starting to feel tired, so I ran and found Steve. He looked like he was on his way somewhere, he stopped when I appeared. "You good Sean?" I clicked my tongue once and mimicked eating. He opened one of the pouches on his belt and gave me a high calorie protein bar that Bruce had come up with. I ate it before giving a two fingered salute and running off. I found Pietro a few moments later, he was pinned beneath one of the lizard creatures. I slammed into it, the lizard went flying. I pulled Pietro up by his arm, he had a few deep scratches on his chest, so I took them. They didn't hurt to badly and the tightness of my shift would keep pressure. He looked at his chest and then mine, "Damn it Sean!" Pietro hissed. The others heard him over the comm, "Sean are you okay?" Clint asked. I could hear his bow distantly. I clicked my tongue once. "I got clawed and he took them. They were deep," Pietro told him. Steve spoke this time, "Sean, are you well enough to continue? It's okay to sit the rest of the out." I clicked my tongue once and Pietro looked at me in disbelief. I gave him a smile before running off. Back to work I guess... "Sean, I have civilians at my location, coffee shop." I headed in Clint's direction, there were four civilians surrounded by the lizards. The humanoids kept falling due to Clint's arrows. I worked on getting all of the civilians to safety. When I came back to check if any civilians were left, Clint was retrieving arrows. Clint saw me, "Hey Sean! Come here," I appeared in front of him. He inspected the blood stains from the gashes I took from Pietro. "You sure you're okay?" I nodded, Clint seemed unsure. I noticed a woman stumble out of a nearby building. I ran over to help her. An explosion sounded from behind me, where Clint had been. I ran over to help him, the woman going forgotten. She ran in the direction of the hospital though, I assumed she was fine. I started to frantically look for Clint, but I couldn't find him. So I started to rapidly click my tongue.

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