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Pietro and I hung out a lot more after that, usually he'd come over to my floor and we'd watch Supernatural. We were in the middle of season 4 when an Avenger alert tone went off. "Captain Rogers has a mission that requires all Avengers." I looked at Pietro as I paused it, motioning for him to go. He stood, "Don't watch it without me!" Pietro called before he used his speed to head off. I leaned back into the couch before grabbing my laptop, choosing to play with crossword puzzles and word searches rather than worry about the mission.

They all came back almost a day later. I was in the kitchen with a buffet of food when they did. Tony and Clint practically moaned when they smelled everything. Everyone quickly seated and dug in, Steve hung back a little in favor of talking to me, "You know you don't have to do this, right?" I nodded my head, he patted my back. "Thanks though, we really appreciate it." Steve told me quietly before joining the others. I watched them eat off to the side. "Did you already eat Sean?" Pietro asked, I nodded my head, 'How was mission?' I signed to Clint as he finished his current plate. He groaned as he stretched, "It went pretty well, no casualties or serious injury, but the guy managed to escape." I nodded my head in consideration. 'No injuries?' I signed, gesturing to the table. Clint and a few others waved me off, "Just a few scrapes and bruises. We'll heal fine on our own." I nodded and sat in the counter by the sink.

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