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It took almost a month for my arm to heal, but even then it was still scabbing over and sensitive. Almost everyone had been up to visit me, even Pietro and Wanda had come to see me. Tony hadn't because he insisted... something. I hadn't been paying attention. I went down to the training room, Dr. Cho insisted in my arm stay in a sling. I got down there and saw Pietro doing laps around the room. I sat on a nearby bench and watched him fly by. He stopped in front of me, "You are supposed to be on your floor no?" He asked, sounding out of breath. I took my phone out and slowly managed to type, 'How much have you been running?' Pietro read the phone. "I am not sure how much I have run..." he told me before plopping down on the bench I was on. We sat in silence for a few moments, "I am sorry for how I acted." Pietro told me, I glanced over at him before typing on my phone once more, 'It's okay, I'm sort of used to it.' He frowned, "You shouldn't be," I shrugged, 'You aren't the first to dislike me, you won't be the last. I was evicted from my home and fired for my speed.' I showed him the phone, "Evicted, what does that mean?" I brought my phone back to me, 'It's what landlords do to remove someone from their rented housing.' He read it and opened his mouth, but was interrupted by the door slamming open. Our attention shot over to the door where Clint looked sheepish. I typed, 'For an experienced assassin, he isn't very stealthy.' I showed Pietro a he took a moment to read before laughing. Clint's squawk of mock offense echoed in the gym.

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