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Clint played with the Newtons cradle I had on my desk for a while. "What kind of books do you write?" He asked after a while, 'Lot' I signed. I wrote fantasy usually, occasionally mystery and history with a twist. "Are you going to order books with the card?" I bit my lip, 'I do not want to be rude.' He nodded and stood up, "I'll help you then," Clint moved to my side of the desk. I minimized the book I'd been working on and the two of us got on Books-a-Million's website. Clint let me order whatever I wanted.

After a few hours, Clint invited me to a movie night with the team. I agreed only after he said it was Harry Potter. We were the last two down there, Natasha had saved Clint a seat. The only other seat that was open was near the other speedster and his sister. Pietro and Wanda. I sat on the floor by Clint's legs. I'm pretty sure Natasha and Clint stared at me throughout the entire movie.

Steve and Tony insisted I stay after the movie to eat dinner. The twins started to glare at me again when I gave in and agreed. I sat as far away from them as possible, at a different table actually. Everyone else sat at the dinner table, and I sat at the bar facing them. Clint moved and sat by me, "Why don't you sit with the rest of us?" He asked me, I shrugged and pushed my food around my plate, not meeting his gaze. He frowned "Is it because of the twins? Because I can talk to them if they're bothering you." I continued to pick at my food, Clint gave up with a sigh and started to eat.

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