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The poor kid, that's probably why he doesn't leave his floor. Nat and I both noticed Pietro and Wanda giving Sean a death stare. After everyone left, I followed the them to their floor. "Guys," they both turned to look at me, "Cut Sean some slack. Why are both of you giving him such a hard time?" Wanda looked at Pietro, who shrugged his shoulders. Pietro turned to walk off, but I grabbed his arm. "I know you wanted to scare him. I know you didn't catch Sean, you could only get ahold of him after he knocked himself out. I know that you know that Sean can't be on the team because he's mute. So why do you hate him so much Pietro?" He jerked his arm away before speeding off. Wanda disappeared with him. I rolled my eyes and went to find Natasha. Maybe she could talk some sense into the two.

As soon as dinner was over, I ran to my room. I could feel the knot of anxiety in my stomach bleed out in my empty space. I relaxed and recalled what had happened, other than the twins glares. Steve had invited me to training tomorrow, 'Maybe I'll go to that...' I thought as I curled up in my bed, drifting off to sleep.

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