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I packed for three days, three days I stayed at home. By myself. I heard someone knock on the door, I looked through the peephole and saw Clint. I walked away from the door and continued to pack. Clint knocked on the door again, "Sean?" He asked through the door. I continued to pack quietly. I heard a distant click, did he just? I heard the door open quietly, "Sean?" He was in my apartment. He just picked my lock. "Hey Sean, why are you packing?" Clint asked, moving in front of me. I glared at him and he seemed taken aback by it. "What happened?" I reached in my pocket and threw the crumbled up eviction noticed at him. I crossed my arms and watched him unfold and read it, "You can come move into the tower with us you know Sean. You wouldn't have to pay anything," I gave him a look, 'I did not want people to know about my speed. You revealed me, I have no job and no house.' Clint looked a little guilty. "You can come live in the tower with us, we'll give you your own floor. Sean we don't want you to feel obligated to join the team. We just want you safe." I sighed from my place on the floor, putting my face in my hands. I heard Clint walk over, "You won't have to stay in the tower all the time if you don't want to." I looked up at him with a defeated look. 'Fine, I will move in.' Clint pat me on the back, "Do you need any help packing?"

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