Chapter 8: The Ravine

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Rebecca surveyed the large room to see what their next move should be, while she scanned the wall around the ravine but it appeared to be untouched rock, she then turned her attention to the ravine and saw a small ledge jetting out from the side of the flat wall. From what Rebecca could tell she could see what appeared to be another opening to a cave on the jut out below.

"Why'd you guys stop?"

The two kids turned around and saw Miles and Jared enter the cavern behind them and walked over to examine the edge of the ravine.

"Yea that's such a simple descent anyone could do it, hell I'm impressed you aren't already down there Rebecca." Miles said bringing his attention back to Rebecca and Kevin, attempting to retaliate against the both of them for earlier. "Y'know what? Why don't you go down first Kevin and finally prove yourself to this team. Since you clearly have some balls after that display on the surface."

"Kevin, you don't have to do this."

Kevin now faced with a challenging glare from Miles, Rebecca placed a hand on his shoulder making sure he knew she was still by his side. Looking at the her hand on his shoulders, he chose to man up and gently removed it.

"No, Miles is right. If I'm going to do this in the future I'm gonna have to man up eventually."

His words meant nothing to Miles, his actions however did. As Kevin knelt down to open his bag, Miles was almost overcome with a villainous bloodlust, while watching Kevin dig around in his back pack and finally pulled out his climbing rope and a rock anchor. His heart started to race as he headed over to the walls rock face and picked up a loose stone. Kevin sized it up in his hand before using it to bash the rock anchor into the wall.

Delivering a couple of strong swings but in doing so, the rock occasionally hit the rock wall around the anchor and chips away some of the rock. Kevin then began to thread the cord through the loops on the anchor and then nervously tied it off before securing the rope around his body.

"Alright well I guess I'm ready."

"Well pitter patter, we don't have all day."

Kevin peered over the edge of the ravine, while Miles frustratedly pointed to Jared and gestured for him to support Kevin's rope to control his descent. It was finally time as Kevin took his last breath before pushing himself over the edge, the rope tightened up as Jared held the rope tightly. During his descent the weight of the rope quickly increased and without mention the rope pulled Jared forward causing him to stumble forward and lose his grip on Kevin's rope as it fell to the ground and began to rapidly unravel.

Jared and Miles both looked at each other quickly realizing that this might be their only chance to get rid of Kevin. The brother almost seemed telepathic as a plan was made simply by looking at each other. Rebecca though watched as all this unfolded and ran to the edge of the cliff, however she was quickly restrained by Jared who covered her mouth so she couldn't yell.

Miles stepped on the climbing rope locking it in place for the time being, however right as he placed his foot down on the rope the sudden increase in tension and a small metal clang was heard hitting the rock floor. Miles looked back and saw that the rock anchor had popped out of the wall, and a wide grin crossed the mans face. Below, Kevin was now dangling above the ravine, scared to death taking a moment to catch his breath. He looked up the rock wall to see Miles looking down at him, with what appeared to be a genuine smile.

"You okay Kevin?"

"Yea I think so just a little shaken but I think I'll live. I can see the entrance to the cave though I just need a little more rope."

"Well you got about another twenty feet up here. Are you ready?"

The two yell back and forth about the rope, before Kevin looked back down at the cave entrance confident that he could make it and while doing that Miles looked back at Jared making sure he still had the girl restrained. Thankfully he did, and he turned his attention back down to Kevin who gave him the thumbs up to continue his decent. Miles replied with a thumbs up as well and lifted his foot off the rope, forcing it to unravel at a miraculous speed. Rebecca had to react fast if she wanted to save Kevin. Thinking fast she bit into Jared's hand breaking the grasp he had on her.


The little anchor toppled over the edge as Rebecca yelled to Kevin. He managed to hear her yell but had little time to react as he only managed to get one hand on the rock edge, as a sharp rock dug into his palm. Rebecca ran over to the edge and looked down at Kevin while the little anchor flew past him as their eyes met one last time before Kevin lost his grasp and plummeted into the darkness below. The sound of his body hitting what sounded like water echoed back up through the chasm, as Rebecca started to cry.


Her scream echoed as Kevin disappeared from her sight, however she still had two old problems as Miles grabbed her and picked her up. Rebecca tried to fight off Miles but didn't have a good vantage point as he pushed her toward the wall.


Rebecca continued to scream at the brothers, while the two of them now stood beside each other and Jared held Rebecca's heavy duty flashlight.

"You didn't actually think we actually cared about him did you? He was so naive. There was no way he'd ever find a treasure on his own."

"Besides do you know how easy it'll be to find another waste of flesh intern who wants fame or fortune. We could have him replaced as soon as we leave the island."

The brothers both looked at her menacingly, glaring down at the scared Rebecca, while Jared shined the light in her face temporarily blinding her. The girl was defenceless as she looked up at the two men.

"You sick fucks. Now let me guess you're going to kill me now too."

Rebecca retorted trying her best to intimidate the men, but she was severely out numbered and her life was getting close to ending.

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