𝙭𝙞. 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙪𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙡𝙫𝙚𝙙

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( chapter eleven - will unsolved )


"of-of course sweetie. come on in." joyce stepped aside from her door, creating space to allow macy inside.

"i never properly introduced myself. i'm macy. macy hargrove." macy reached her hand out in front of the woman, after she had closed and locked the front door.

joyce gave macy a smile at her genuine kindness. she grabbed ahold of macy's hand, shaking it. "i'm joyce byers. will's mother."

macy looked around the house, noticing it was very clean. everything was tidy, in place where everything was supposed to be. she noticed the family photos on the desk near the tv in the living room.

"will is in the kitchen if you're looking for him." joyced informed macy, and she shook her head at the woman.

the family photos included only will, joyce, and his older brother jonathan. she wondered where their father was, but didn't want to question anything personal.

"i actually came here to talk to you, mrs. byers." macy clapped her hands together nervously.

"please," joyce smiled, "call me joyce."

macy nods and takes small steps towards the front door once again. "can we talk outside please?" joyce gives in and agrees to talk with macy.

macy came to the byers household for one reason, and one reason only. she was determined to find out what has happened to will. why will was acting this way, and why he was having these so-called episodes.

joyce offered macy to take a seat on the couch that was seated on the front porch. the wind was breezy, the sun peeking down below from the sun. macy took a seat and crossed her right leg over her left properly, patiently waiting for joyce to take a seat.

"is will alright?" macy kept her voice low. joyce gave her a small shrug in response.

"you know," joyce stammers, trying to find the correct words to fit her explanation, "he's been having episodes lately."

macy nods. "i know."

"you do?"

"yeah. i witnessed him experience one last night while we went trick or treating." macy explained to the worried mother.

joyce looks at the girl. she reads her like she's some sort of open book. joyce could tell this girl cared deeply for her son, and with what's been going on with him.

"i have a question, if you don't mind mrs—" macy paused and smiled ever-so-sweetly, "joyce."

"go ahead, macy." joyce rested her hands on her knees, staring nervously at the girl.

"why is will going through these episodes?"

this was one question joyce tended to avoid whenever people saw her. they knew they asked out of pity, wanting to find a way to somehow help the broken woman. she's sick of it, but decides to tell macy.

joyce felt different with macy. she knew macy actually cared about will in the bottom of her heart. she knew she felt comfortable about this episode situation with will, wanting to know more and more about her newest friend.

macy's eyes were focused on joyce's as she spoke. she payed attention to every single word joyce said, not wanting to miss a small detail about what happened to the boy over a year ago.

"i'm so sorry you all had to deal with that." macy grabs ahold of joyce's hands that has been bouncing due to the fact her leg was shaking. joyce didn't know what to do.

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