Break Up Or Make Up Part 8.

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I woke up to a few kisses on my face making me smile a little but keep my eyes closed. I heard a cute giggle making me smile more and pull her closer to me. I opened my eyes a little and adjusted to the light in the room and looked at her with a smile playing on my lips.

Y/n:"Morning beautiful"I said in my morning voice making her smile and peck my lips.

Kendall:"Morning baby"She said making me smile even more and kiss her lips once again. She made herself more comfortable by laying her head on my chest and wrapping her arms around my waist"Last night was fun"She said looking up at me with a smirk on her face making me chuckle.

Y/n:"It was...luckily they're aren't much people around cause you're screams were loud"I said making her hit my abdomen and look at me.

Kendall:"I wasn't that loud!"She said making me chuckle and kiss her head.

Y/n:"Whatever makes you sleep at night babe"I said making her sit on my stomach and pout at me.

Kendall:"I wasn't! You're so mean"She said whining like a child making me chuckle and switch our positions so I was hovering over her.

Y/n:"I was just joking baby"I said making her glare at me a little making me chuckle and kiss her lips"Let me make it up to you then"I mumbled kissing from her lips going to her neck making a moan escape her lips.

Kendall:"I'm supposed to be upset with you"She mumbled with eyes closed as I left wet kisses on her neck making me hum and kiss further down her body undoing her bra.

Y/n:"You won't be after this"I mumbled as I pulled off her underwear. I kissed up her legs to her underwear making me tug them and look at her"You're mine Kendall"I said kissing down her body making her moan and arch her back a little.

Kendall:"I'm yours"She said gripping my hair and biting her lip. I kissed her inner thighs leaving a few marks and then kissed her core making her hips buckle forward"No teasing....please"She said looking down at me.

I granted her wish and let my lips latch onto her lower ones. I held her hips down and sucked on her clit a little before I moved to her entrance and entered her with my tongue making a loud moan escape her lips. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulder making me go deeper. Her hips jerked forwards as her nails dug into my shoulder keeping me there.

Kendall:"Right there! God don't stop baby"She moaned out throwing her head back and digging her nails deeper into my shoulder dragging them down a little making me groan sending a vibration to her core"Y/n"She moaned making me slow down my pace and tease her a little.

Y/n:"I want to hear you Ken"I mumbled looking at her and then diving right back in. She moaned and mumbled a few words as I sped up my pace making her go crazy underneath me. I felt her legs start to shake making me go faster.

Kendall:"Baby I-"She cut herself off by letting out a loud scream as her body trembled underneath me as she came"Oh my god"She moaned out as I cleaned her up. I kissed her inner thighs and moved up her body leaving a few marks here and there. I kissed her neck and sucked on her sweet spot making her fingertips run down my back probably leaving a few marks but I didn't care. I pulled away and looked at her with a small smile playing on my lips.

Y/n:"Am I forgiven?"I asked making her open her eyes and let out a hoarse laugh.

Kendall:"I think I should get upset more often"She said making me chuckle and peck her lips.

Y/n:"Lets go get some breakfast"I said making her nod and hum.

Kendall:"I'll get up when I can feel my legs"She said making me chuckle and get up. I slipped on her underwear and put my shirt on her and carried her bridal style into the bathroom. I placed her on the counter making her smile and peck my lips"Thanks"She mumbled making me smile at her and hand her toothbrush.

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