Will - Chapter 6

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Today had been amazing.

It was definitely going to be hard to say bye tomorrow.

Goodbye for the next ten years.

And by then, he would've been married by his father, which meant he wouldn't need me.
The next day
I put on the clothes I had laid out yesterday, since the servants had packed our bags yesterday while we were at the festival. Then I grabbed my crown and put it in as I went down the stairs.

When I got there, I did not find the scene I was expecting.

My father was smiling at me, as was King Hades and Queen Persephone. Nico was blushing and looking down at his food.

"My boy, King Hades and I have decided to combine our kingdoms. We will be staying here while they build the new castle for us all to live in." My father said to me.

I was very confused.

"Why are the kingdoms being combined?" I asked.

They all looked at nobody in particular.

"You'll learn why soon." Was all my father said, before we went to get in the carriage and go to the last day of the festival.

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