Chapter 55

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We reach the edge of the forest just as the last ray of sunlight disappears in the sky, leaving us in complete and utter darkness. 

I hold up my lantern. "We're here Ailee! Show yourself!"

Somewhere a cricket chirps. 

Suddenly, the ground beneath our feet rumbles. I reach my hand out to calm my horse and look up to find Alissa charging out of the woods on a black stallion. The stallion skids to a halt no more than a meter away from my white steed. I regain my composure and look Alissa in the eye. 

"Where is your army?"

She throws me a half smile. "Awaiting my command."  

I nod. "Can I ask you something?" 

"What?" she spits. 

"Why do you want to steal my throne so badly? Why couldn't you just be content with your life?" 

She scoffs. "That's easy for you to say, you are the freaking princess of Arania, you have a castle, more dresses, and jewels than you can even count on your dainty little fingers, not to mention you're going to be the Queen, inheriting an entire kingdom." 

Her lips twist into a cruel smile. "Well, you would've." 

In a flash, she lunges for me, her sword raised.

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