Who I Am

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My Credentials

I have been writing for four and a half decades but only really became a serious writer in the past five to ten or so. I have a signed publishing contract in hand for my fiction. I’ve got a (different) story here on Wattpad that’s been featured since March). 

I have been an online Community Manager since before such things were the stuff of legitimate jobs (over a dozen years on one site alone; before that, I managed channels on MIRC for those who remember it). 

I am a student at Quinnipiac University (the school is in Connecticut, but I am taking my classes online), studying communications and social media marketing. I am currently a certification candidate but will probably switch over to a Master’s in Communications once I get certification. As of the writing of this post, I am holding a 96% average. During most of the posting of this guide, I’ll be in my second class, which is Analytics (the first one was Platforms – I highly recommend the school and the coursework).  

I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and I have a Juris Doctorate. But I haven’t practiced law in nearly twenty-five years. 

I am an American woman living in Boston, Massachusetts. My avatar is not my dog. 

Thank you for reading.

And Now a Word from ….

Check out the link, image and YouTube video all on the side there. That image is really me, and the link is to my professional social media blog. This guide will always have links, images, and YouTube videos. You’re going to be encouraged to comment, like, library add, vote, share, etc. I hope you do. This is a lot of information and it is best if you follow along as I go, but you can cherry pick the information and skip around if time is at a premium (you won’t hurt my feelings if you do). I will ask questions and I hope that you will answer them in the comment spaces. I’ll also (at times) give you a little something to do and I hope you’ll report on that in the comment spaces, even if it’s just to say that you don’t understand what I’m driving at. If I need to explain things better, I need for you to tell me!

For all undefined terms, Google is your friend! Type definition and then whatever term you don’t understand into Google. And, like magic, a definition will be provided. And you can always ask in the comments section. 

Also – I am not a fan of asking for votes, etc. with fiction work (I feel it breaks the fourth wall), but I have no such qualms when it comes to nonfiction works. Therefore, I am asking you – did this chapter help you? Did it hold your interest? Do you want to see more? Then please vote! You know the puppy would want you to. ;) 

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